Which Perfumes Are Best For The Groom In India?

In Indian weddings, the entire focus is always on the bride. What she will wear, how she will conduct herself, and her makeup. People often come there to enjoy the food and see the bride. Grooms never bothered to sway away from the usual looks and attire. But there is a new wave of change among the newer generation grooms in India. They want as much attention as their bride and will do everything to get it. One of the best ways to be in the limelight on your wedding day is using the right perfume. A good perfume creates an inviting vibe around you, making others feel comfortable. Moreover, it sets you apart from others with your unique aroma.

How To Choose Perfume For The Wedding Day?

Choosing The right fragrance for the wedding day is quite essential. Everyone’s eyes and attention will be on you and if the scent is not good, it can get uncomfortable. Instead of wearing anything too different from your usual style, try to stay with your usual notes. If you want to stand out and going with a different fragrance, start wearing it a few days before the wedding. This will help you and others to adjust to the aroma. You must also ask for your spouse or fiancé’s opinion as well in this. Whichever aroma you choose, try to go with Eau de parfum variants. These have higher essence concentration giving a lasting vivid aroma.

Best Fragrances For Groom In India

If you are planning to buy a new groom perfume for your wedding day, here are some of the best ones available in India,

Mural De Ruitz H Factor: This is anEau de parfum fragrance for men with a refreshing aroma. There is a perfect blend of citruses, spices, and earthy notes. It is great for everyday wear and makes your personality stand out.

MPF Bizarre Eau de parfum for men: For the man who loves unique fragrances, Bizarre is the perfect one for you. This perfume has a blend of woody notes with a deep floral aroma. The richness this has is purely divine and perfect for parties and weddings.

Chris Adams Dreamz Blue: One of the most popular perfumes by Chris Adams, this Eau de parfum is everything a man needs. It is fresh, has a touch of floral comfort and the sensualness of vanilla and musk. With just two sprays, you will be on everyone’s mind.

Perfumer’s Club #PartyAnimal: Don’t judge a perfume by its name. This might sound like perfume for your bachelorette, but it will make you smell amazing at every wedding function. The fougere notes with the freshness of mint, sublime lavender, and patchouli make it different from all.

Lomani White Intense perfume: An extremely popular brand with a mind-blowing perfume. White Intense Eau de parfum is filled with a blast of citrusy aroma and aromatic green notes. It has a base of white musk, dry wood, and vetiver for that rich flavour. This perfume is good for romantic moments as well as parties.

How Can You Make Your Perfume Last Long On The Wedding Day?

When you are busy with the traditions and rituals of the wedding, freshening perfume is not easy. Instead of worrying about how you smell, it is better to work on making your perfume last longer. Usually, for Indian weddings, the grooms wear heavy clothes. Due to this, they sweat a lot too causing them to smell by the end of the day. You do not get any time to change your outfits or get into something comfortable. Thus, prepping your skin and trying to stay cool can help in making your scent last longer.

Take bath with an antibacterial soap in the morning. This helps in eradicating smell-causing bacteria. After towel drying your body, apply a good long-lasting moisturizer. Anything with a 24-hour moisture lock system is good for you. Following this, spray perfume on your skin focusing on the pulse points. Spray it on your neckline, back of the neck, underarms, on your wrist, and behind the knees. Pulse points help in enhancing the aroma of perfume with heat.

Lastly, try to invest in an excellent quality wedding perfume for boys. Eau de parfum scents have higher essence concentration. They can make you smell good for at least 12 hours. If the wedding functions will last all day, it is better to carry a miniature or a carry friendly scent vial. You can use this to freshen up after every 4-5 hours to smell fresh. To ensure that your fragrance is pleasant, ask your spouse or fiancé to help you in finding one. Her approval of scent is especially important for she will be by your side all day. Get good perfume, apply it properly and be the groom they remember for long.

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