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Which Month Is Best For Ultrasound in pregnancy?

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Every woman has ultrasounds during pregnancy that are an intriguing subject. Before birth, every mother imagines the appearance of her baby’s face and glimpse a distinctive characteristic.

Several questions arise in her mind, such as, “What’s on the screen?” Will it be a healthy baby with good development potential? That is exactly what all mothers desire. One of the most popular inquiries that we heard from expecting moms is: “When is the ideal time to view my baby for an ultrasound?”

For these queries, you can visit one of the best ultrasound centers near you in Noida, Dr. Ashish Arora, Ultrasound and Imaging Centre which is the best diagnostic center for Ultrasound In Noida.

Ultrasound Pregnancy makes it feasible for all these questions to be answered during pregnancy. Here we also examine the types of ultrasounds during pregnancy and the optimum time to do the ultrasounds.

Ultrasound types and the right test times

Early Pregnancy/ First Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

An early pregnancy it is a routine aspect of pregnancy between the 6th and 9th week but may occur before week 14 at any time. However, an ultrasound in the first quarter is not usual since your practitioner can still look at your baby in detail too early.

Most doctors wait for a first prenatal ultrasound for at least 6 weeks.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan NT/NB

The NT/NB scan is also known as the Nuchal Translucency Scan. The NT scan is an ultrasound that measures the amount of fluid accumulated on the fatal back of the neck. Pregnancy Ultrasound NT/NB The pregnancy is held from 11th to 14th month.

Level 1 / Growth Scan Pregnancy Ultrasound

A growth scan is an ultrasonic scan to evaluate the proper development of your baby. The ultrasound level 1 or growth scan is performed during the second trimester of pregnancy. Physicians often prescribe this for women in the third pregnancy trimester; a fatal growth scan is one of the reasons as well. This scan helps to determine the correct development of the embryo in the uterus.

Level 2/Anomaly Scan Pregnancy Ultrasound

Level 2 Pregnancy Ultrasound is also call as anomaly scan, which examines in depth the baby’s womb, the heart of a baby, stomach, brain, kidneys, etc.

It is also performed in the second trimester of pregnancy. The 20th week is the precise moment. However, between the 19th to 22nd week of pregnancy the woman might get this scan.

Wellbeing Ultrasound Scan of Pregnancy

A wellbeing scan helps you to see the progress of your baby. This scan shows you the heartbeat of your baby, evaluates the growth and placenta of your baby, and enables you to see your child in 2D. A wellness test is done to verify its growth and the weight of the baby during gestation is estimated normal. During the 32nd week of pregnancy, the doctor advises the fatal well-being scan.


When utilized for health objectives, ultrasound during pregnancy is safe for you and your baby. Ultrasounds are an essential need for evaluating the baby’s health and growth. When a healthcare practitioner Dr Ashish Arora does ultrasounds and considers it to be the best Pregnancy Ultrasound in Noida, they are non-invasive and come with low risk. Every expecting lady care about pregnancy ultrasound scans.However, that only skilled and qualified experts should do these ultrasounds.


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