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Which Is The Best VPN For PC And Mobile?

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PC and Mobile are like water and food for the people. And the installation of VPN work as pesticides that are used to protects the food. PC and mobile both are used for professional or personal work. Because of this, people are worried about the threat or leakage of information from the device. Now, VPN becomes the need of all people whether they are businessmen, students, parents, etc. This software helps to make privacy in your browsing information. So, we have brought out some best virtual private networks for the PC and Mobile.

Which VPN is best for PC and Mobile?

Here is a list of the top 2 VPN companies which are best for both PC and Mobile. Now, read about all that virtual private network companies and make your decision. 

Hola VPN 

Hola virtual private network is easy and safe to use the software. Its servers are located in 190 countries. You can install this software on both PC and Mobile. You can easily switch your IP address after connecting to the server of another country. This app also offers a free version of Hola for three days. Premium or ultra versions are costly so, you can get the best deals on Hola VPN discount offers. And when you buy the premium or ultra version of Hola VPN then you can get unlimited benefits. It provides the connection of the maximum number of the device at a time. 

ZenMate VPN 

ZenMate VPN is located in a total of 77 countries in which they have many servers. It Unblocks all the restricted sites which are blocked in your geo-restricted area. ZenMate is also helpful to streaming the blocked videos, shows, or sports events. It has 3 plans and you can save huge money by purchase of ZenMate coupon code. This app does not have logs, which means your browsing data cannot be store or leak to anyone. 

Both Hola and ZenMate VPN are useful to protect the PC or Mobile online activity. Only the few companies of VPN software can protect the online information of both devices. ZenMate can be installed on any device and it is recommended by many users. Hola VPN is also used by millions of people because of its strong privacy. 

What is the use of VPN in mobile?

Mobile is a major part of everyone’s life and it is easy to carry device. You all use mobile for social media, to watch videos, and to do online transactions, etc. To keep privacy on all these activities, you need a VPN app on your device. This software helps to stream or to read the content of the blocked website by switching IP addresses. 

Sometimes, you want to hide your information while online activities. So, VPN has the feature to show you as anonymous on the internet. It is unable to understand for others to watch that who you are and what you have searched for. 

How do you set up a VPN on Mobile?

Set up of VPN in mobile is easy but it depends on the device which you have. Follow these simple steps to set up the VPN in android. 

  • Click on the setting option
  • Tap on the wi-fi network
  • Choose the VPN option
  • Then, enters the server address, username, and password.

Some mobile contains more option instead of wifi network. After this, the same instructions are followed. 

How do you set up a VPN on a PC?

You can easily install the virtual private network on the PC. For this, use the simple steps which we are providing to you.

  • Install the VPN which is best for your device
  • Enter the necessary information recommended by the VPN administrator. 
  • Now connect with the server of any country. 

FAQs about VPN 

Does VPN drain battery?

Yes, VPN drain battery because VPN is software that is running behind the device. Use of any app impacts on the battery of the device. It can reduce your battery or power of the device from 10 to 15%.  

Does VPN use data?

VPN is connected while you have an internet connection on the device. So, it also use data to give you privacy during online activity. It does not mean that VPN uses unlimited data, it some limited data according to your uses.

How can you reduce internet data use while connecting with VPN?

Download your favorite songs or movies instead of streaming every time. Try to stream or Netflix of low qualities, turn off maps and GPS when not in use.


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