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Which Home Automation System To Pick When Building A Smart Home?

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The emergence of smart homes has picked up significantly in the past decade as home automation technology has matured. More and more people across the world have installed home automation systems due to their many benefits. This technology has transformed how we were previously managing home electronics and achieving energy efficiency goals. Home automation brands have also shifted in their approach and now offer retrofitting of smart home technology. This has immensely helped users and homeowners to change their smart gadgets with time.

This article addresses a few essential points that will help a beginner set up a home automation system. We will discuss some necessary smart home devices that you should have to experience better security and higher comfort. If you want to know more, then keep reading.

Smart Locks

Haven’t all of us experienced that moment of anxiety when we leave home in a hurry for something important, and we suddenly cannot remember if we have locked the door or not? Well, now say goodbye to those anxious moments with smart locks. This Wifi or Bluetooth enabled locks can be set by users to lock automatically when you leave your home. They can be easily monitored and controlled using an app on your smartphone, which will help you double-check your home security. Some smart locks even come with sensors and cameras that will notify you of anyone standing at the door. Using the camera, you will be able to see the guest’s face and unlock the door with a tap on your phone.

Smart Lights 

With smart lights around, you do not need to search for its switch in a dark room. Users can control Smart lights with an app or voice. You can just ask the light to turn on by giving the command vocally. Smart lights are beneficial for houses with infants, kids and elderlies. You can also program smart lights according to your convenience. For example, you can set a time for the lights to turn on and off according to the daylight availability.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a must-have for smart homes. With smart thermostats, you can program and set your air conditioning, heating systems and ventilation to consume less energy. For example, the thermostat will stop functioning if you put it in ‘Away’ mode. Smart thermostats can also process user behaviour and automatically detect physical factors to customise functionality that will suit your requirements. 

Several home automation brands are bringing several exciting products into the markets. However, one brand stands out among them because what it offers is more than just its products. Schneider Electric India, a renowned leader in home automation, offers high-quality and durable home automation solutions. But the brand truly understands the Indian consumers, who are still new to this technology. 

With Schneider Electric India, you will convert existing electrical networks into an intelligent home system. This means that you do not have to bear the unnecessary costs of a complete revamp. Their experts do not require any additional wiring and ensure that your interiors remain intact. Another fantastic advantage of choosing Schneider Electric India for smart home automation is that they offer a 24*7 helpline to support new smart home users. They give easy warranty coverage and free installation as well. To find out more on this, visit their website now. 


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