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Which False Ceiling Material Is Better: Gypsum Or POP?

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Here is all you need to think about the distinction among gypsum and POP before you focus on a roof 

You need to pick between gypsum sheets or POP (plaster of Paris) when settling on the crude material for the creation of a bogus roof. Both are basically made out of gypsum, a normally happening mineral. Gypsum board is a production line made from gypsum with water and a couple of added substances, sandwiched between paper. At the point when gypsum is semi-got dried out by warming, it structures plaster of Paris or POP, a speedy setting fine white powder, which has numerous utilizations, remembering making bogus roofs for the site. Gypsum and POP have a few characteristics which are basic to both: they are lightweight, heat-protecting, and fire-retardant. Nonetheless, bogus roofs of these materials have their particular qualities and shortcomings. On the off chance that you are intending to introduce another bogus roof in your home here are the advantages and disadvantages that will assist you with choosing what to go for. Want to know more about Keycoats Click here


Gypsum sheets or boards arrive in a pre-assembled prepared-to-introduction structure. They are fixed with screws to a metal casing that is connected to the roof section or soffit (the underside of a design). For the long haul, strength ensures that you settle on just great quality metal edges that are rust-confirmation. 


  • The greatest benefit of going for a gypsum roof is that it is a fast and clean strategy for an establishment that creates less residue during execution. 
  • Gypsum plaster sheets are huge, thus there are not very many joints made during establishment. These joints are done with a jointing compound that dries rapidly. 
  • Gypsum sheets are not difficult to work with and paint on account of their smooth industrial facility created finish. 
  • Since the blend is made with exactness in plant conditions, the quality remaining parts are reliable in sheets of good brands. 


  • In the event of any fixes, the roof should be separated. 
  • The joints of the gypsum loads up may give indications of breaks with the progression of time. Breaks may likewise be brought about by smallest development in the bogus roof because of roof fix, cutting of openings for light or fan installations or where the roof meets the abutting dividers. 
  • In the event that dampness saturates the gypsum roof through spilling rooftops or cooling channel pipes, it might bring about parasitic development or cause twisting. As a safeguard, settle on just great brands of gypsum board like India Gypsum, which permit the least water maintenance. Find more about Gypsum Plaster Machine 

POP (Plaster of Paris) 

POP is accessible in the powdered structure and is blended in with water nearby. This blend is applied on a chicken lattice, which offers mechanical strength, and is then joined to a metal edge framework. POP can be shaped into any shape in its hydrated structure; as it dries, it solidifies and holds the set shape. 


  • POP is a profoundly solid material. Since a similar material is utilized for filling joints, it doesn’t show breaks without any problem. 
  • Not at all like gypsum board, plaster of paris offers extraordinary adaptability in plans and can be formed into various bended shapes. Likewise, POP is ideal for planning moldings or making a scratched impact, as in this picture. 
  • It blends in with water to frame a combination that is not difficult to spread and even out. Moreover, POP has great attachment characteristics that make a smooth surface for paint tones to settle. 
  • It is less expensive than gypsum board. 


  • The way toward blending the substance of a POP bogus roof nearby is an untidy and protracted interaction that requires a parcel of tidying up a short time later. 
  • One significant worry in utilizing a POP blend is that a ton of material is squandered during the application interaction and it requires satisfactory drying time. 
  • Except if the blend is arranged effectively in the correct extents of POP and water, it will be of second rate quality, and might therapist or break. For long haul sturdiness ensure that lone talented specialists blend and set up the POP combination at site. 
  • The roof can’t be introduced when the POP surface is wet. The issue uniquely happens during the rainstorm season. You should permit the POP to dry totally before establishment..


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