Where to Find The Best Wall Tile in Coimbatore: Finding the Best Deals

Over the past few years, wall tiles have acquired massive popularity. After all, brick and cement walls cannot provide the aesthetic elegance that wall tiles can offer. Another reason for their popularity is their diverse variety – from plain to decorative designs and from bright to subtle tones. Nowadays, customers, instead of just choosing colours, are paying attention to the tile materials and textures as well. Longevity and robustness are some of more aspects that customers are looking for these days. Because of all these varieties in wall tile choices, these tiles are available at a range of prices. This blog will guide you on finding the best wall tiles at great deals offered by a reputed tiles shop in Coimbatore. 

Factors Determining Wall Tile Prices

Appearance and Aesthetics 

It goes without saying that better-looking products are offered at a higher cost. Wall tiles are also sold in the same way. Wall tiles come in a spectrum of designs, elevating the visual aesthetics of the walls. Thanks to the design variations, they can be used to create different kinds of interior decor styles, ranging from classic to modern. So, these tiles are offered at varying rates, depending on their looks and appeals. These days, people often consider decorative wall tiles such as 3D tiles to create an accent wall which serves as a focal point within the space. You can explore a range of decorative designs to elevate the visual impact of the spaces. 

Material and Finish for Wall Tile

Just like most construction materials, the prices of wall tiles vary widely depending on their core materials and their manufacturing process. For example, a plain tile may not cost as much as a decor tile. For example, you can get a 200×300 mm plain tile for just Rs. 34 whereas the price of a decorative tile such as a 250×375 mm 3D wall tile starts from Rs. 41. The cost increases because of the difference in their materials and finishes. When you visit any reputed wall tile shop near you, you can explore a diverse range of wall tiles which are offered at a broad spectrum of prices. 

Versatility and Durability 

Wall tiles are widely merged into interior decors to transform the appearance of any space while adding a sense of modernity or class. Due to their versatile range, their prices also vary a lot. You can find the most visually impactful wall tile designs such as floral wall tiles which come at a minimum price of Rs. 41 for a 250×375 mm tile, and the price of floral tile designs can go as high as Rs. 102 for a 300×600 mm tile size. When it comes to maintaining the elegant wall look for a long time, wall tiles are hard to compete with. These tiles come with a long lifespan, thanks to their in-built characteristics such as low water absorption rate and resistant properties towards scratches and stains. Plus, they require simple cleaning routines to retain their splendid looks for a long span. 

Ease of Installation of Wall Tile

Wall tiles are also easy to install. However, note that the availability of labourers can influence the charges of labourers, thereby influencing the overall tiling expenses. Plus, thanks to the popularity of tiles, the city of Coimbatore has a good availability of skilled labourers. So, customers do not need to worry much about the tile installation process. Even the tile shop you connect with may recommend professionals to get the tiling job done right. However, talking about the expenses, you need to take the cost of labour, materials, and tools along with the prices of tiles to determine the actual cost of tile installation for your renovation project. 

Wall Tile Prices in Coimbatore

While searching for a wall tile shop that offers highly affordable tile options, make sure to not compromise with the tile quality. Even though you may come across multiple wall tile designs that are offered at a cheap rate but claim to be durable, do not fall for the trap. Just consider buying wall tiles from trusted tile dealers or manufacturers. 

As mentioned earlier, you can find branded wall tiles of size 200×300 mm even at Rs. 34, which can rise to Rs. 223 for an 800×2400 mm tile. More specifically, wooden tiles start at Rs. 39 for a 395×395 mm tile size while marble tiles come at a minimum price of Rs. 35 for a 200×300 mm tile. Talking about cement tiles, their price starts from Rs. 37 for a 300×300 tile size. Likewise, you can find multiple wall tile options within an affordable range. 

Top Tile Showrooms in Coimbatore

A good tiles shop in Coimbatore guarantees to offer wall tiles of good quality. You can reach out to tile dealers who offer tiles manufactured by recognised brands. This is to make sure that you are making a worthy purchase. Here are some tile shops in Coimbatore that offer good-quality products and services. 


To find the most reasonable deal, you must find the best tile store in Coimbatore to get quality tiles. After all, if the tile quality is not up to the mark, a good price offer is also not worth the investment. So, reach out to a trusted tiles shop in Coimbatore such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique to make an investment that survives in the test of time.

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