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Where do I start if I want to become Blockchain developer?

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Beginners in the world of blockchain might face certain difficulties in figuring out a suitable
career path. However, the blockchain developer career path turns out to be the most common
choice for anyone seeking a blockchain career. As a matter of fact, blockchain developer is one
of the most common roles enterprises would look for in their blockchain adoption initiatives.

The primary role of a blockchain developer focuses on creating new blockchain solutions for various use cases. The average annual salary for a blockchain developer is almost $150,000, which could vary according to the experience and job role. The following discussion offers a detailed overview of the best practices to get started on the journey of becoming a blockchain developer.

How Can You Become a Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain technology is on the way to becoming a staple across every industry. As a matter of fact, the global expenses on blockchain-based solutions and technical services can reach almost $20 billion in 2024. When enterprise investments in blockchain technology increase, the demand for certified blockchain professionals improves unconditionally. Therefore, an individual who wants to become blockchain developer can expect favorable career opportunities. You should know how learning blockchain is essential for the future to know how the career path of a blockchain developer is beneficial in the long term.

However, many people have doubts regarding the ideal process to learn blockchain and qualify for certifications. On top of it, the selection of courses and certifications suited for blockchain developers can be challenging for beginners. What are the topics you should cover for landing blockchain developer jobs? Here are some of the important steps you should follow to start your journey of becoming a blockchain developer.   

●      Learn the Basics of Blockchain Technology

The first place to start your journey toward blockchain developer jobs would refer to the fundamentals of blockchain technology. You should search for answers for “how to become a blockchain developer” only after you have familiarized with basics of blockchain technology. The basics of blockchain technology and definitions of the key terms and concepts are essential prerequisites for any aspirant.

●      Understanding Blockchain Platforms

The next important topic for aspiring blockchain developers would refer to blockchain platforms. You would find blockchain platforms as one of the significant topics in blockchain certification suited for developers. The different popular blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda are important aspects of the job of blockchain developers.

The blockchain platforms offer the necessary tools to developers for creating applications suited for enterprise use cases. Candidates who want to become blockchain developer must also develop practical skills in using  blockchain platforms. For example, you must develop fluency in using Hyperledger Fabric for creating blockchain solutions.

●      Fundamentals of Ethereum Development

The blockchain developer career path for any individual would remain incomplete without including Ethereum development. Ethereum is one of the biggest networks which facilitates blockchain-based development. As a matter of fact, Ethereum offers the largest ecosystem of decentralized applications.

It also serves as the best platform for creating smart contracts and many other decentralized applications such as NFTs and DeFi applications. If you want to know how to become a blockchain developers, then you must have in-depth knowledge of Ethereum components and functionalities. You should choose professional courses on Ethereum development to understand how to use Ethereum in developing decentralized applications.

●      Go for the Blockchain Developer Certification

Once you have completed training in the essential skills required for blockchain developers, you must move towards certifications. You can use a blockchain certification to your advantage to stand out with a competitive advantage among other candidates. The professional blockchain developer certification could not only prove your skills as a blockchain developers but also your capabilities for ensuring value for employers.

A certified blockchain developer is one of the vital assets for enterprises in the present times, leading gradually toward the dominance of blockchain. Certifications can prove how a professional could use their skills and knowledge to achieve the blockchain goals of a business.

Bottom Line

The essential resources for getting started on your journey of becoming blockchain developers can help you start on the right note. You can use the outline of the skills required for becoming a blockchain developers to plan your career development goals. Interestingly, you don’t have to go through any complicated routes to establish a career in blockchain development.

You can learn blockchain fundamentals to kickstart your journey and move towards your career objectives. Subsequently, you can choose training courses for other important topics such as Ethereum development and enterprise blockchain platforms. Learn more about blockchain development and gain comprehensive expertise with the blockchain developers career path on 101 Blockchains.                


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