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Where Can You Rent A Pressure Washer in Calgary? – The Rental Shop

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Summer is prime pressure washer usage season and for good reason. It’s warm enough for the user to handle the wetness of the job and great to take care of after the wind in the fall and dampness throughout the winter. You can use a pressure washer in Calgary to clean the side of your house or to wash your deck. You may also choose this time of year as the perfect time to clear out gutters using a pressure washer in Calgary.

pressure washer in Calgary

So once you determine that you need a pressure washer for your outdoor tasks this summer, you will need to decide if you are going to borrow, rent or purchase one. A pressure washer in Calgary can be quite costly and difficult to store if you don’t have a garage or shed. Lots of people will decide to just borrow one from a friend or neighbour, but that comes with it’s own set of issues including having to replace anything that you break or the potential that they don’t have the parts you need. Borrowing also means you need to transport the pressure washer around Calgary which can be inconvenient and create a mess in your vehicle.

So typically the choice is between purchasing and renting a pressure washer in Calgary. Purchasing can be a good option if you will use it each year and if you have siding on your home that needs to be cleaned, lots of gutters, a large deck and of course, a good ladder and the right attachments. You’ll also need a decent sized garage to store everything in.

If it makes sense to purchase a pressure washer in Calgary, be sure to do it early in the season so the best value options are not sold out.

If you decide against buying a pressure washer in Calgary, you’ll need to rent one. You may be wondering where you can rent a pressure washer in Calgary though!

While most hardware stores offer rentals, they are often in poor condition or they have a very limited selection that is often rented out well in advance. You can check with them, but then you will still need to hope they offer the attachments you need and you’ll have to transport the equipment home.

The good news is there is another way to rent a pressure washer in Calgary. This is where The Rental Shop shines. We offer pressure washer rentals in Calgary and you can choose from the additional hoses and attachments you need. Simply go onto our website, select the dates you want the pressure washer rented for and we do the rest. We will deliver the equipment to you by 10am on the day of your first rental date, guaranteed. We also guarantee that you will be completely happy with your rental or we will take it back and refund you the first day’s rental fee.

Once you are finished with your rental, we will also pick it up for you. It doesn’t get more easy or convenient to rent a pressure washer in Calgary!


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