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Where Can You Buy Maca With the Most Nutrients?

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To get the most benefit out of adding maca root to your diet, you want to utilize the best-quality maca products possible. Maca that is grown according to traditional practices in Peru and that undergoes minimal processing, will have a better chance at containing a higher nutrient content.

Where can you buy maca products that are produced with quality in mind from beginning to end? This short guide will direct you where you need to go in order to shop for this amazing root vegetable, as well as provide you with some additional information that can help you find the right maca for you.

A Brief Look at the Different Kinds of Maca Products You Can Buy
Maca root products can vary substantially. There is yellow maca, red maca, and black maca. You can find maca root in pill form or as a powder. Maca can be raw or gelatinized, and can even be found as a liquid extract. You will also find maca root products grown in a variety of locations around the world, most commonly in China and Peru.

Generally speaking, the higher quality maca comes from Peru, likely because of the unique growing conditions that are required in order to grow maca that is as nutritious and wholesome as possible. A plant is only as nutritious as the nutrients it can absorb from the soil, after all. This hardy root vegetable originates from the Andes mountains, and it is likely the special mineral composition of the soil in the Junin area, coupled with the intense climate conditions of this region, that gives maca its signature nutrient composition.

That being said, you also want to make sure that the maca you purchase has no filler and that it is produced with no GMOs either. Pure, high-quality vegan maca root that will provide you with the most potential nutritional benefits, this is what you want to look for when you are shopping.

So which color maca root is right for you? This depends on what your overall health goals are.

● Yellow maca root is best for general use if you don’t have a specific health goal in mind.
● Red maca is known for helping with women’s hormone balancing issues, such as infertility and libido. It can also potentially assist with the symptoms of menopause. Many men also take red maca products for prostate health.
● Black maca, the rarest color of maca, is better for muscle-building and energy. It’s also known for helping with issues related to male fertility and libido.

Once you decide which color is right for you, you can buy maca that is either raw or gelatinized depending on your preference. The key difference between these two varieties of maca is that the latter has been gently pre-cooked to remove excess starch content. Although rare, some individuals report mild digestive discomfort when eating raw maca, so if you commonly experience an upset stomach, gelatinized maca is something worth considering.

Depending on your individual lifestyle, either maca pills or maca powder will work best for you. While maca powder can be used in combination with other foods in order to craft yummy yet healthy recipes, maca capsules are more convenient and can be eaten on the go.

Where Can You Buy All of These Maca Products?
If you want to buy maca that is fresh, organic, and nutrient-packed, The Maca Team has what you are looking for. Not only do they grow all of their maca root in Peru, according to the ancient growing practices, but they also offer the best selection of different maca products around.

Whether you are interested in trying raw black maca powder or would prefer to buy maca that is gelatinized and in capsule form, The Maca Team has it all. Visit their online store today and browse through their quality selection.

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