Where Can I Look for a Sustainable, Energy efficient Home?

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Energy efficient Home, With the constantly increasing cost of utilities and the growing awareness of the environmental impact, more and more people are looking for sustainable, energy-efficient homes. While it is possible to observe the market and find a home built to be sustainable and energy-efficient, a better option is to build the home you want. By building your own home, you’ll get the energy-efficient features you want without having to compromise on any of the design features you love.

You might be wondering how you will get everything you want when you aren’t exactly sure what you want or need for the home to be energy efficient. There are certain floor plans and house designs that are more conducive to sustainability and energy efficiency because the home’s design plays a role in the movement of air and utility costs. The best option is to work with a reputable company like Dennis Family Homes to get your home designs.

With years of experience, this company will help you get a unique home design that fits your personality and has the architectural style and square footage you want while also being energy efficient. Here are three ways hiring an interior designer will actually save you money on your sustainable home.

1. They can show you how to reuse what you already have Energy efficient Home.

Many people think they are going to have to buy all new stuff if they hire a designer because that’s what the designer will expect. However, that is just a myth. Your designer can work with you and the furniture, art, textiles, and decor elements you already own and create a new design. This isn’t to say you won’t be buying anything new, but it’s also nice to have a few new things when you are moving into a new house. Additionally, reusing what you already own is a critical part of sustainability. Buying all new stuff to have new stuff is not at all sustainable.

2. They can create a floor plan that will allow a clear flow of air.

When creating an energy-efficient home, you need a good flow of air throughout the house. For example, if you are utilizing a wood burner, you need an open space, so the warmth from the wood burner can heat the entire space.

If the floor plan is compartmentalized, you will need a heat source for every space, which will not be energy efficient. This will be true regardless of the type of heating or air conditioning you use in the house. Open floor plans can be hard to design because all of your spaces run together. Your interior designer can alleviate the stress of the situation by making your home feel cozy while still being open.

3. They can work in lighting appropriately.

Similar to the heat and air, lighting is an important part of making an energy-efficient home. Lighting is also an essential design feature of the home. Homeowners often get stuck on how to get the lighting they need for each space while also making the lighting a part of the design of each space. That is a clear area your interior designer can help you with.

They can show you different options that will utilize energy-efficient lighting that adds to the space’s overall design while also giving you the level of light you need. In some areas, you may need bright direct light, while you need soft ambient light in others. Despite the different lighting, you want all of it to look good and be energy efficient. This may include incorporating smart home features that will allow you to control the lights remotely.

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