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When you shop online in Pakistan, are you compromising on quality?

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Will it be as nice as it appears in the photo?” “It must be a very low-quality commodity because the price is so high?” “Who knows whether this would suit me or not because the model is so petite?” “I can’t pay in advance; what if it doesn’t arrive?” These are only a few of the many questions that come to mind before making any online purchase. Not to mention the lingering fear of disappointment before your order is delivered to your home and you can finally unpack it. Let us take the high road and admit that more than half of us will never get there! We seldom make transactions online because of bad experiences we’ve had in the past! But, when using technical advancements in the shopping environment, how do you ensure high quality and satisfaction?

Filter for brands with an onsite presence: We all want to be healthy, and no one wants their hard-earned money wasted on low-quality goods. So, when it comes to online clothing shopping in Pakistan, you have an endless list of brands to choose from. The first and most critical filter you can use is to distinguish between brands that only have an online presence and those that have both an online and onsite presence. This basically means that you are receiving what is widely available under the brand name on the market. The fabric, size, and cut will all be normal. You can also take a peek inside the store on your leisurely ride to the mall for your own personal reassurance. When it comes to western apparel, Cougar may not be as well-known as Breakout or Outfitters, but my Cougar online shopping  in Pakistan experience has been smooth. They have numerous stores throughout Pakistan, and their website is extremely user-friendly, with fast restocking! What more do you want? 

Buying Cosmetics on the Internet? A Major No :

Now, writing customer reviews has no direct effect on your online shopping experience; but, it is an ethical standard that we must all obey. When I can’t find even a single review of a product I want to purchase, it’s incredibly frustrating. Someone will benefit from your analysis, just as you benefited from someone else’s review at one point. Second, frequent online feedback would compel online brands to follow through with their commitments and offer a high-quality product. The days of consumers having to suffer in silence must come to an end!

Closely examine the brand policies:

Engage the services of a personal legal assistant! Just kidding! You don’t need an attorney to go over brand practises and determine consumer rights. Always be aware of the types of cushions that a particular company provides to its consumers. If you have a negative experience, do not remain silent; instead, contact the brand’s customer service. In one way or another, all good brands satisfy disappointed consumers. But why not make the most of it? All you have to do is be a little more positive and educated.

When shopping online, tread carefully; online shopping is nothing less than a black hole; you never know what you’ll get, so always make informed decisions. Rather than being rash, be a well-informed shopper. Not every brand has a great online service, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the mall every time you want to shop. Make the most of the technology that has been given to you!


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