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When to Upgrade to a Pertinent VPS Plan?

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Is it the right time to upgrade to a pertinent VPS plan?

Pertinent VPS Plan – Is your website getting a lot of traffic, and visitors are spiking, making you face multiple issues? Your website needs to keep up with the visitors. However, if your current hosting plan does not have enough resources to run your growing website, all you need is a VPS plan.

Navicosoft provides top-performing and stable machines located in a high-tech data center. We offer 24/7 support from real experts on tickets, live chat, and phone to assist you as soon as possible.

Shared hosting is a starting point for small businesses and websites. But, when your website grows, it requires more resources. Hence it can disrupt the other services, and you may lack some essential resources. Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to a pertinent VPS plan:

 Support Simultaneous Users

When your traffic grows, shared resources drain. Multiple operations such as several users accessing web pages, purchasing goods, sending and receiving email, and downloading files puts a burden. Therefore to help users grow their websites, some VPS plans are available without any entry point restriction. It allows you to serve many users at the same time.

 Keeps Smooth Flow of Traffic

A pertinent VPS plan allows system administrators to expand and scale the I/O resources to increase traffic volumes. A VPS hosting package is apt enough to handle traffic flows, ensuring your website runs at optimal speed. 

Reduce Page Load Time

On shared hosting, many websites are competing for a limited amount of memory. Therefore if your website cannot access the specific amount of memory, the page load time increases, and the process slows down.

Most VPS hosting plans support up to 24GB of RAM. Hence it reduces the wait time and ensures website responsiveness. It gives the users the benefit of rapid page load times, faster processing and uploads, quicker downloads, etc.

Build Sophisticated Websites and Apps

A simple website can easily run on shared servers. However, performance decreases when handling multiple requests at the same time. If a web app or a website grows, it requires more processing units to maintain the overall performance.

A pertinent VPS web hosting plan ensures that the website runs as fast as possible, even while handling multiple requests at once. VPS plan maintains the speed by using several processing task cores. No matter how much growth you want to see, VPS hosting is a perfect solution to your problem.

Store More Data

Many shared hosting packages offer large amounts of disk space, but they have some restrictions even then. Sharing resources will eventually cause problems since resources are very limited.

Whereas a pertinent VPS plan is scalable for a significant number of files. Whether you’re hosting large data with thousands of images or huge video files, VPS hosting has the resources to ensure that you have the right storage for your website to grow.

Get your VPS hosting From Navicosoft!

Navicosoft takes care of all your VPS settings, from keeping the software up-to-date to monitoring your website 24/7. VPS hosting is an ideal bridge between dedicated and shared hosting. VPS hosting plans can be customized to match your hosting needs and upgrade anytime according to your website growth. Navicosoft provides you an opportunity to start hosting from a small scale and eventually scale up very quickly.


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