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When Shopping Online Through Cashback Offers

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If you’re reading this on a smartphone or a laptop, chances are you spend a reasonable amount of time online. According to a report, the international e-commerce industry will be valued at around $ 4.89 trillion in 2021. Moreover, this figure is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of years. This stat alone shows the dominance of e-commerce and online shopping today. Therefore, it becomes vital to make the most out of online shopping. 

But how do you do that? 

Well, the most intelligent way to shop online today is to determine the best cashback offer on every purchase. 

The most popular e-commerce names like Flipkart and Amazon offer massive discounts throughout the year, especially during major festivals. Unfortunately, regular customers are only aware of these festive discounts and must wait all year round to grab the best deals. However, we’ll share the magic mantra through which you can save enormously any time of the year. What’s the mantra, you ask? – cashback offers!

Today, we’ll share intelligent hacks for getting the best cashback offers for online shopping. But before that, let’s quickly glimpse what a cashback exactly is and how it works.

What is cashback, and how to avail yourself of lots of it?

Cashback, in simple terms, is a reward you receive when you make a purchase online. Cashbacks encourage consumers to shop for a service/ product and get a percentage of the product’s value back as a reward. So instead of getting upfront discounts on products, you get reimbursed with some amount later as a cashback offer.

You can buy the product online or in-store to avail yourself of the cashback. You need to follow the process laid down by the cashback provider to receive the cashback amount.

Most e-commerce brands and online shopping portals offer cashback during festive sales to lure customers. But if you miss these sales, it gets challenging to avail discounts on your favourite products. Well, not anymore, because we’re sharing a portal that offers the best cashback offers all around the year – Fave India! 

How does Fave India make your online shopping experience exciting, affordable, and better?

Fave offers discounted offers on the best things to eat, do, see, and experience in your city – all from a single, convenient mobile app! Browse through thousands of FaveDeals and save up to 80% at your favourite restaurants, cafés, spas, salons, gyms, retail stores, and more. Alternatively, pay your bills quickly and easily with FavePay and get rewarded with up to 30% cashback.

Fave India started as a new digital merchant platform that helps customers get the best deals and cashback offers online. The app also lets offline retailers expand and connect digitally with their customers. Fave’s core mission is to accelerate the offline world’s transition to the digital economy by putting growth at the centre of customers and retailers.

How does Fave Work?

Fave proudly boasts itself as one of the most simple, effective, and instant cashback platforms. Follow these simple steps to get the best cashback offers online

  1. Find the QR Code of the merchant, product, service, or shop.
  2.  Scan the QR Code and pay with the Fave app. 
  3.  And Tadaaaa! You earn cashback on every purchase! Cashback gets credited to your account on your next purchase! 

Reasons that make Fave India the single-best online discount aggregator!

  1. Assured Cashback – Scan, pay and earn in every transaction!
  2.  No cap on what you get – You get what’s promised – no hidden terms!
  3.  All your cashback in one place – View cashback from all your favourite brands together.
  4.  Never lets your cashback expire – Get notified automatically before your cashback expires.
  5.  Get notified of offers – Never miss out on suggestions from your favourite brands.
  6.  Safe and easy payments – Pay safely and seamlessly with Fave India!

Fave is the convenient bridge between consumers and retailers to deliver a seamless payment experience and merchant rewards. It is a payment aggregator for the most popular cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Visa) and wallets. From operating in over 35 cities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Fave entered India in 2021. Head to Fave India to avail yourself of the best offers on your favourite products now!


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