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When Legal Action Against Your Employer Becomes Necessary

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Some members of the workforce have grown so used to being mistreated that poor behavior on the part of employers no longer fazes them. However, the fact that employee mistreatment is infuriatingly common does not mean that your only option is to accept it. In fact, depending on the type of mistreatment your employer engages in – and the extent of said mistreatment – you may be able to take legal action. So, if your employer has been known to engage in any of the following behaviors, consider getting in touch with a good lawyer.

Failure to Provide a Safe Work Environment

Every employer is required to provide a safe environment in which their employees can do their respective jobs. So, if your employer has routinely ignored known safety issues, securing legal representation may be the only way to get them to make the necessary changes. Depending on the type of workplace and the extent of the safety issues at play, serious injuries are able to result from an employer’s indifference to employee well-being. Mile High City residents who have incurred severe injuries stemming from unsafe working conditions should reach out to a knowledgeable, dependable catastrophic injury law firm in Denver, CO.  

Indifference to Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is an all-too-common problem in the U.S. and comes in an assortment of forms. Perhaps most notably, there’s sexual harassment – which, despite an enhanced societal awareness of the issue, continues to plague a frustrating number of workplaces. So, if you’ve ever been made to feel objectified or sexualized through the words or actions of people with whom you work, you should consider contacting an attorney – especially if people in positions of authority have regularly failed to act on the issue.

Of course, this isn’t to say that every type of workplace harassment is sexual in nature. Members of the workforce are also routinely harassed on the basis of race, religion, physical appearance, age and various other characteristics. So, if any form of workplace harassment has made it difficult for you to feel comfortable while doing your job and those at the top refuse to take action, start seeking out a good lawyer.    


Although many of us are aware of poor behavior within our respective workplaces, we opt to hold our tongues. After all, speaking out against bad behavior or reporting it to higher-ups is liable to result in us becoming targets for harassment, bullying and other forms of retaliation. Furthermore, reporting unprofessional behavior on the part of people in positions of authority may very well result in demotion, decreases in pay or outright dismissal.

Still, you should never allow fear of retaliation prevent you from speaking out against injustices within your workplace. Additionally, should you find yourself retaliated against for doing the right thing, don’t take this sitting down. Instead, get in touch with a lawyer who’s well-versed in workers’ rights and getting results for their clients.  

Inconsistent Disciplinary Measures

Although it’s important for the rules to apply equally to everyone, this is far from the case at many places of business. So, if you’ve found yourself saddled with an abnormally harsh punishment for something that typically results in little to no disciplinary action, you’d do well to talk to an attorney. Furthermore, if you’ve been fired, demoted or disciplined for failing to perform tasks that aren’t in your employment contract, contact an attorney on the double.

Withheld Wages

If your employer has withheld your wages for reasons that are unclear – or for no discernible reason whatsoever – don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. After all, if an employer can’t afford to pay their employers, they can’t afford to have employees. Similarly, if you’ve been injured on the job but can’t get your employer to provide you with workers’ compensation, a good attorney can be an invaluable ally.

It’s easy to see why so many members of the workforce simply roll with mistreatment from their respective employers. After all, employee abuse has become so commonplace that a fair number of workers have come to expect it. However, it’s important to remember that paying your salary doesn’t entitle your employer to treat you in any manner they see fit, and if your employer has perpetrated any of the offenses outlined above, legal recourse may be your best option.   


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