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When Does your car AC need a recharge?

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If you have to drive your car in the hot summer season, you need a properly functioning car AC because of the increased temperature of the driver’s cabin.

If your car Air conditioning system is not working properly, you will feel exhausted soon because of hot air and sweating.

Therefore, your car AC is a vital part of your vehicle and you need to keep it fully maintained.

Your AC may face several problems to work improperly. Moreover, your car AC may lose its efficiency if you have not to recharge it for a long time.

According to experts, you need to regas your Air conditioning system every year to avoid lack of efficiency.

While you decide to regas your AC system with the help of a professional service, you will get the services like evaluation of AC gas, leakage testing, refilling gas, and system pressurizing.

What is exactly the correct time to regas your car AC system?

We have mentioned above that it is better if you check the gas of your AC system every year. However, due to technological advancements, some cars are fully able to work properly without the need for AC recharge.

You can ask your mechanic for checking the AC gas while you visit the garage for regular car service.

It is indeed a good idea to refill the gas before your AC loses its efficiency.

Commons signs that tell your car AC require regassing

If your car AC is devoid of proper gas, you will feel the air blown out by the AC is not cold sufficiently.

Since your car AC does not work efficiently, it will reduce its performance during an extremely hot summer day.

You need to change the AC gas if you smell a musty odour coming from your vehicle’s AC system. 

Strange noises coming from the AC system also show it clearly that you need to refill AC gas.

What happens during an air conditioning service?

However, a faulty AC shows several signs that make it clear that you need a service but detecting a problem is never easy for a car owner. 

While you decide to service your AC with the help of a mechanic, they are supposed to check the whole system thoroughly to detect the underlying causes.

During the primary inspection process, the professional is going to check drive belts, pulleys, operation valves, thermostats and hoses.

Moreover, the mechanic is supposed to check system lines and parts for leak signs. This process is done with the use of an electric leak detector device.

After this step, the mechanic replenishes the refrigerant.

The mechanic is going to check the temperature of condenser and a test drive is also performed to examine the temperature of the air in the car’s cabin.

What is the total cost of air conditioner regassing?

A confirmed cost structure is not usually possible since the final cost depends on the type of vehicle, and the location of the garage.

We advise you to also go for a reliable service since it will check the AC system completely to detect even a small problem. 

General tips to maintain your car air conditioner

If you want to avoid your visits to a garage just because of your car AC, you have to maintain it properly.

You need to switch on your air conditioner regularly to keep it in running condition. A running car AC is supposed to maintain proper refrigerant pressure.

When your ac is on, keep the windows of your vehicle closed. Open windows mean more pressure on your air conditioning system.

Make sure you visit your garage for General tips to maintain your car air conditioning repair Melbourne every 2 years. If you follow these rules, your AC system is going to work properly for many years without creating any mechanical problem.  


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