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What’s Your Disaster Recovery Business Plan for a Tropical Storm?

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When it’s the best time to fix your shelter? After the storm stops or during or before the storm? Pre-planning serves you the best support to tackle disaster damage and recovery efforts if you are well planned in advance for any emergency. 

You have the option to repair those Shetler holes rather than being forced to put a bucket to reduce the damage. It’s great news that you can do a lot to prepare for sudden natural disasters like tropical storms or hurricanes. Before a storm hits, you consider disaster recovery security service in Corpus Christi and be ready for the worst scenario that impacts your business before, during, and after and make sure to keep everything running smoothly.  

Why do your business need a backup & disaster recovery strategy?

Hurricanes! Most precisely among the destructive natural disasters. Along with danger to living beings, it poses a serious threat to businesses. The repairing damage is estimated at $28 billion a year in the U.S that is nearly half of the economic productivity. It is not about the cost you need to stress about. When hurricanes strike companies, massive disruption to certain operations occurs that never allow companies to recover. 

How will a hurricane hurt your business?   

The hurricane’s destruction is frightening and eye-popping. The reason it is involved in the biggest breaking news is that frequent IT service disasters like data loss are shocking. But that physical damage is one of the ways it disrupts your business. Other different disasters that threaten your business are:

  • Server/Infrastructure damage
  • Data loss
  • Electricity & utility outages
  • Damaged hardware
  • Flooding
  • Restricted building access

Each of these affects your organization in different ways. For example, if your office building is condemned but your IT infrastructure is fine inside. If somebody could get inside and manage to access the network remotely. Since it is condemned, nobody is allowed to enter. These kinds of scenarios illustrate that your business needs to prepare for any impact of a hurricane. Not only get ready for just physical destruction. Security service in Corpus Christi offers you service and allows you to recover your data with minimal downtime.  

It’s time to build a hurricane disaster recovery plan 

Every business has a unique plan for its organization and industry. Therefore, the basic framework should focus on 4 central areas:

  • Prevention
  • Emergency response
  • Restoration
  • Recovery

These components allow you to prepare for all stages of a disaster. It identifies the system that is needed to prevent a major disruption from a hurricane and the procedure that keeps the employees safe and recovering operations. So let’s have a deep look at each section.  

Preventive planning 

A prime component for any recovery plan is prevention. You can’t stop a hurricane with your superpower, but you can prevent it from destroying your business. Did you notice how stores cover up their windows before any storm comes? It is the exact form of what you need to do for your business. It is not just the windows but every aspect of your business. 

For example:

  • Allow employees to access company data, networks, and systems remotely via cloud services. 
  • Have a plan B for relocating the business or allow operations to be decentralized. 
  • Make sure employee safety includes evacuation protocol, shelters, etc.
  • Communication plans that ensure to stay connected with everyone if primary lines are unavailable. 

All of this should happen before a storm is on its way. The more you prepare, the less it impacts your business. Get to know the best tips on disaster recovery planning to protect your business.

Emergency action 

The safety of employees is paramount if any disaster strikes. It should outline the steps you must take during a hurricane and reduce the harm. For example, consider a hospital emergency room with medical staff that cares for patients and provides shelters who could not evacuate. 

  • Know how to protect yourself from dangerous flooding and wind.
  • Find out the safest area to take refugees, such as an interior room or storm shelter. 
  • If trapped in flooded buildings, know what routes to take, such as going to the highest level of building but not enclosed spaces without exit points.
  • Learning safe evacuation guidelines of not attempting to drive, walk or swim through floodwaters. 

Restoring critical system and operations 

Every disaster scenario should be identified with the steps of restoration. It is a part of risk assessment. Create strategies to make it clear that you restore your critical operations. 

You need to restore:

  • Power
  • Network access
  • Data backups
  • Servers or other damaged hardware
  • Production operations

Full recovery 

Your business is quick to restore, but long-term recovery is essential. A hurricane backup and disaster recovery plan should instruct that your business can restore operation back to normal. It includes:

  • Repairs/rebuilding of physical structures
  • Replacement of IT hardware and equipment
  • Permanent relocation of the business
  • Return to full workforce levels 

Learn more and make sure your business has a disaster recovery plan today!

Take a look at security service Corpus Christi disaster recovery solutions that allow you to protect your business from the hurricane, ransomware and other disasters. These plans allow your organization to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities. It could be chaotic if not sure what to do. Stress testing ahead of time improves the chances of making the right decision in the heat of the moment.


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