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What You Should Know If Considering Best Hair Extensions in London

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Deciding to go for hair extensions for the first time is a big decision, not only are they expensive, but if the application goes wrong then extensions can also affect your natural hair growth. For you to make an informed decision whether to go for the best hair extensions in London, here we have shared the detail of everything that you should know if you’re considering longer and natural-looking hair locks. From how to find the right hair extensions salon, to how to take proper care & maintenance of your new hair extensions, here’s what you should know before booking your appointment to the salon.

1. Consult the best expert of hair extensions salon in London

It’s no secret that hair extensions are expensive and if you want to invest in them to enhance your personality then it’s worth consulting with someone who knows better, in fact in detail about human hair extensions, including the best application process. If you are based in London, it’s well worth consulting with the highest rated hair extensions salon in London which takes into consideration everything from the length of your hair, texture, and shade, to get you the most natural extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair and help you get a fine and glamorous hair look.

Be sure to do your depth research before booking into a salon, check online reviews about the salon and hair extension expert before investing.

2. Opt for the highest quality human hair extensions in London

According to the experience and knowledge of the best experts of human hair extensions in London, protein-infused bonds are perfect and stay longer. And the best part is that such protein-infused extensions are filled with every quality that an ideal hair extension should possess:

  • Practically invisible
  • Insanely soft extensions
  • Easy to style and manage
  • Available in various style, length & thickness options

3. Opt for the right hair extensions application process

There are plenty of ways to wear hair extensions and most of the time the extensions expert suggests you the best process after determining your hair type, length, and how long you’re expecting the extensions to last. In general, these are the most demanding and best hair extensions process:

  • Clip-Ins- Most instant hair extensions- If you are looking for on-the-go hair extensions, then clip-ins are your ideal bet to invest in.
  • Tape-In extensions- These types have a line of adhesive along the top of the strip of extensions which will be bonded straight to your roots. Not to worry, the adhesive used in this human hair extension in London is of high-grade medical quality and is completely safe for humans. Tape-in extensions can last around 5-7 weeks if applied by the best hair extension expert in London.
  • Micro-rings- As the name suggests, micro-sized metal rings or beads attached your natural hair to the extensions near roots. They can last around 3-4 months, depending on the growth of your natural hair. The pros of this hair extension method are that there’s no glue or heat involved in the application process so micro-ring has its own perks.
  • Keratin bonds- These are in reality the extensions which we called protein-infused human hair extensions. These extensions have a bonding agent called keratin or protein-infused, attached to the top of the hair extensions to protect the natural hair.

4. Look after your new extensions

It may sound quite obvious and easy to do, but to be honest hair extensions need a lot of care and pamper to stay longer. You have to follow a long list of important guidelines suggested by human hair extensions salon in London professionals, for instance how yow will sleep, how to brush your hair, how to keep your extensions while swimming and so on, to help you protect the natural look of your extensions so they can keep shining, bouncing and enhancing your personality.

Whatever your reasons for investing in extensions, remember that this could be a glamorous way to give you a perfect makeover. Talk to the best hair extension specialist in London to explore your options.


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