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What You Should Know about the use of Arlo Smart App for Arlo Log in?

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Arlo cameras are one of the most unique and easy-to-use home networking devices. With these cameras, you can view, manage, connect, and respond to the activities in your home while you are away at a different place. In addition, these cameras have inbuilt features that can distinguish among persons, animals, vehicles, etc. So undoubtedly, you can rely on these cameras. Also, Arlo offers the Arlo smart app to monitor your cameras from various mobile devices. All you require is a subscription to this app and then create an account to Arlo Log In. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the it camera and it Smart App.

The benefits of using the Arlo Smart App for Arlo log in to your account-

After you log in to your account, you can set Arlo-rich notifications on your mobile device to monitor the events at your home. For example, you can place an activity alert for any specific area in your house with the help of the Smart app. But to avail of these benefits, you should have a subscription. Here are some benefits that you can unlock after the subscription.

  • Object detection feature-

Set your camera to detect persons or non-living objects with the help of the smart app. After that, you will start to receive notifications about the activities. 

  • Package detection features-

 You can set notifications for the front door of your house to detect delivered packages.  

  • Set Custom Activity areas in your house- 

Add some areas of your home in the custom activity zone you need to monitor. For instance- you can set the backyard of your house as the custom activity zone so that you can detect any activity in the backyard at night. 

  • 4k and 2k Cloud Recording feature-

 Arlo cameras can record videos in 2k and 4k resolution. Also, you will get cloud storage to save the video recordings. 

  • Support center assistance- 

You can contact the support center through the Arlo smart app whenever there is an issue with your cameras. 

  • Emergency call at e911-

 You can also use the it smart app to call your closest dispatchers in emergencies. Note- this calling feature is only available for US users. 

  • Make a call to a friend- 

Last but not least, you can add a friend’sfriend’s phone number in the smart app to contact that number whenever needed. 

Hence, we’re done with discussing the benefits of the Arlo smart app. Now let’slet’s guide you through what you should do if you face the most common issue that users face “Arlo camera is offline.” If you encounter this issue, here are some points to note that you could follow to fix it-

If your Arlo camera is offline, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue: 

  • Set up your camera in the range of wifi sources –

One of the most common mistakes users make is setting up their camera off the wifi range. So, make sure that your camera remains connected to the wifi source.

  • Ensure to have a good internet connection- 

It would help if you had a good internet connection for the better performance of it cameras. You can have a high-band internet connection with a good ISP router to avoid the “Arlo offline” issue. Otherwise, you can install it SmartHub and the it base station rather than an ISP router.  

  • Change the battery of your wire Arlo camera regularly after some time- 

Don’tDon’t forget to change the battery of your Arlo camera regularly. As an extra measure, check the battery status of your camera with the Arlo Smart app. However, a notice will appear on the app for that particular camera device if the battery is low. 

  • Be sure to plug your Arlo wired camera into a power outlet-

 If you’re using an it wired camera, you must ensure the camera gets the current correctly. New Arlo cameras always come with a power adapter and a USB cable. However, it would help if you avoided any third-party adapter and USB cable to use with the Arlo camera.

  • Check for the camera temperature daily- 

You can check for the camera temperature with the help of the it Smart app. If the camera temperature gets too hot or cold, a notification will appear on the device card in the Smart app. This temperature instability can cause the camera to shut down. You should check your camera once a week to avoid this problem.  

  • Factory reset your camera-  

This could be the last option if you have tried all the above and have yet to work out. After your camera’scamera’s factory reset, it will return to its default state. So you have to configure it again for the setup. You could use the factory reset button on the camera or the Smart app to reset your camera. Once you have done the reset, you should remove the camera configurations from the Arlo Smart app and then set it up again. However, if you still can’tcan’t figure out why the “Arlo offline” issue continues to appear repeatedly, visit Arlo Support to seek help from experienced professionals.


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