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What You Need to Know When Hiring a Remote Cybersecurity Team

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Cybercrime has increased 600 percent since the COVID-19 pandemic reached our shores.

As a business owner, you’re faced with the need to not just find ways to shield your business from the economic effects of the pandemic, but also keep hackers away.

At a time when almost everyone is working from home, how do you implement a robust cybersecurity plan? Hiring a remote cybersecurity team is your best option. However, building this team is easier said than done.

That’s the whole point of this article. We’re sharing expert insight on how to assemble the best remote cybersecurity team.

Read on!

Understand Your Business’s Cybersecurity Needs

Every business needs a cybersecurity plan and the primary objective of every plan is to protect the business from online threats. However, businesses have different needs. The needs of a small enterprise with limited IT infrastructure isn’t going to be the same as that of a large corporation with massive tech infrastructure.

As such, start by establishing your needs. Assess your IT infrastructure. Do you have a business website? Social media pages? In-house digital systems? Computer networks?

When you have a clear picture of your IT infrastructure, it becomes easier to identify the kind of cybersecurity services you’re going to need. For example, if your business doesn’t have a website, you won’t need to worry about hiring cyber services for website protection.

Decide Between In-House Team and Outsourcing

Although the pandemic might have changed the meaning of “in-house,” all your regular employees are still in-house even though they could all be working fully remotely right now.

Therefore, you have to decide whether the cybersecurity team you want to build will be in-house or outsourced. Either option has its unique pros and cons.

An in-house team will comprise at least two or three cybersecurity specialists, each specializing in a different field. You’ll have to appoint a team leader, who will be in charge of coordinating and supervising the team members.

Maintaining an in-house team will be costly, as every employee will be paid separately. If you’re a small business on a shoestring budget, this option isn’t going to be ideal.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, involves hiring a third-party company that provides remote cybersecurity services. These aren’t your employees.

The great thing about outsourcing cybersecurity is it’s cost-friendly. There are several IT companies, such as Be Structured, offering cost-effective and top-notch cybersecurity services.

Understand the Limits of Remote Cyber Monitoring

While a remote team is super effective, there are limits. There are tasks that may need to be done on-site. In this case, it’s important to establish whether your team will be able to attend to these tasks before hiring.

You certainly want a cyber team with remote and on-site flexibility.

Hire the Right Remote Cybersecurity Team

At a time when small businesses are the primary target for hackers and other perpetrators of cybercrime, hiring a cybersecurity team is a proactive step that will protect your business. Use this guide to make the best decisions when hiring remote cybersecurity professionals.

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