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What Types of Mattresses Do High-End Hotels Use?

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Comfort has become a name of luxury since the world evolved. Back when there were just bamboo beds and twine weaved on through it, people lived a hard life. Now there are superior beddings and mattresses for every bed and requirement in the marketplace. The high rated hotels and 5-star plazas keep their guests, VIP people and visitors in posh rooms. They give the best for them, providing luxurious and most comfortable mattresses for them to rest. The mattresses on sale we purchase somewhat different than these as hotel mattresses are specially designed just for the Hotel Company.

The Four Most Luxurious Mattresses in 5-star Hotels

Luxurious Mattresses

Here are the four most top-class mattresses’ brands used in extraordinary hotel companies that give their level best comfort.

 Serenity Bed by the Hilton Hotel

One of the most modern hotels is Hilton, which has its brand of mattresses just for its VIP guests. Known as the restful slumber, the mattress is one wonderful experience. It has special coils fitted just for comfort. The mattress improves the body blood circulation, easing the muscles and let the person sleep comfortably. The design of the mattress keeps it from breaking inside and holds the surface in place.

 The Marriott Bedding by Marriot Hotel

They serve their fine hotel mattresses in a firmer outlook and experience. Calling it the Marriott Mattress, the surface is the perfect amount of hard and soft mixture, that keeps the sleeper’s body in position and never once let the body sink in the mattress. Marriott has a class reputation for perfect combination; spring mattress and memory foam with a hint of hard polyester for equalized firmness.

Sweet Dreams Bed by Doubletree

The hotel provides a flameproof mattress for the safety of its visitor. The sweet dreams mattress has a superior surface top and exclusive features that help the person cozily adjust in the bed without slipping off the bed. The texture and quilt softness is beyond perfect. The mattress is specially designed to absorb the movement and vibration of the entire bed.

Memory Foam by Fairmont Hotel

Another posh hotel name people cannot forget is Fairmont which provides an exclusive variety of memory foam for its guests. The memory foam soothes the tense sleeper’s body and improves therapeutic circulation. The mattress keeps the sleeper cool and relaxed throughout the night. The premium memory foam also has an extra plush cushion to absorb the stress of the body and boost relaxation instantly. The memory foam has an underlining spring mattress within as well, which gives it extra support.

Mattresses that provide a good night’s sleep and keeps the sleeper in perfect position is the perfect one. The foam, coils, back support, base support, polyester, and cotton material used to firm the mattress are what matters the most. There are endless varieties of therapeutic and hard mattresses that suit the sleeper’s body and result best. Hotels, on the other hand, try to provide a luxurious softness. This was all about the best mattresses in high-end hotels.

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