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What Toro Golf Course Equipment Is Needed To Maintain A Golf Course?

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A golf course maintenance superintendent is only as great as their tools for a meaningful impact. Golf maintenance integrated disciplines such as agronomy, and agriculture while considering scientific operations. In addition, modern-day toro golf course equipment has automated processes previously done by the superintendent or other golf professionals. 

While different technologies are now commonplace at every golf facility, operations that earlier took days or weeks can now be done regularly and productively. With advances in technology and increased environmental concerns, golf courses integrate electric or hybrid equipment to get the job done. 

If you plan on replicating an immaculate turf to your golf course, here’s a look at the golf course maintenance equipment that helps you keep the course in top performance 24*7. 

Mowing Equipment 

Mowing consumes the greatest portion of the maintenance team’s day-to-day operations. The green mowers are arguably the most important toro golf course mowers in maintaining the superintendent’s arsenal because golfers often examine their experience by putting green conditions forth over any other elements. 

While rotary and reel mowers serve specific purposes for your turf, the climate conditions, property size, and turf type also play a significant role in the type of mower you purchase. 

In addition, the quantity of mowing equipment depends on how you use them. For instance, in a two tee reservation system, nines require simultaneous cutting, doubling the number of mowers needed. 

Green, fairway, rotary, and reel mowers are a few options for modern golf maintenance operations. 


Aerating a golf course is the first step in “turf management” to keep the green impeccable and, more importantly, performing well. Primarily used for putting greens, aerators offer flexibility in tiny spacing, depth of plugs, and more. Like mowers, aerators come in various options, such as walk begging and tractor mounted. 

With a walk-behind aerator, you can tine grass from one to two inches. You can use tractor-mounted aerators for larger turf areas for effective maintenance. Aeration allows the thick thatch to penetrate inside the turf, allowing water and nutrients in and excess gasses out. 

Green Rollers 

Often used in combination with mowers, green rollers help accent the quality of the turf surfaces and greens. When rolled over the greens, the rollers create a smoother surface, enhancing the turf quality. In addition, they help in reducing the dry spots by allowing moisture to move through the turf. 

Soil Moisture Meter 

With technology evolving every second now, golf course maintenance is getting efficient and easier. A soil moisture meter is one of the latest additions to the list of essentials for facility maintenance. For quick measures of the volumetric water content in the soil and salt content, you can integrate soil moisture meter in daily irrigation decisions. 

Though costly, the soil moisture meter gives a substantial return on investment over time.  

Transportation Equipment 

Transportation equipment moves tools, materials around the course seamlessly. Many of these lightweight, two-person vehicles tow green mowers on a trailer. This unit equipment can handle excessive heaviness and is built to last longer. These transportation equipment enable staff from task to task like the wind, without wasting time between jobs. 

Spraying Equipment 

Golf course maintenance superintendents use spraying equipment to apply liquid fertilizers, plant growth regulators, and pesticides. With advances in technology in every millisecond, spraying equipment gives a higher precision saving both money and time. 

Miscellaneous Equipment 

The additional toro golf course equipment required depends on the topography of the facility, its design, and other physical features. Hand rakes for bunkers and blowers or sweepers are the most commonly used miscellaneous course maintenance equipment. In addition, side-to-side rollers, hand-pushed rotary lawnmowers, or hedge trimmers help maintain smaller areas near the clubhouse. 

For pristine greens and improving the playing conditions of their greens, we suggest you train your staff in using the toro golf course equipment to the best of their performance. 








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