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What to watch online for free

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Never use 100% of your free time to study! The tiredness, distraction and effort to focus on something when you are not fully comfortable and does not bring the desired results. In this condition, check out what to watch.

A common mistake made by students is to believe that it is possible to catch up on the material all at once, in a single day or night, or in a single weekend. They may even succeed, but this is not a choice indicated by education professionals.

Ideally, you should devote a few hours a day to your studies, according to your available time. Analyze your free time and how many days of the week you will be able to set aside a few hours just to study.

Allocate about 50% of your free time to study, catch up, and get organized. The rest of the time you can use it to rest, watch a series, do something you like.

Rest is essential for learning. Being tired does not help and makes you waste time trying to read. And understand yourself with the materials presented that become tiresome and meaningless.

Also learn to deal with your emotions: waiting to study, work or do any other activity just when you feel up to it or in a good mood can cripple your productivity. We don’t always feel at our best all the time, but the activities need to be done anyway;

Make your plan and understand how many free hours you have per day (or per week). Of these free hours, set aside 50% to dedicate only to studies and the other 50% to think about what to watch.

In this planning, include the unforeseen in your plans: it could be that something urgent happened and ended up going ahead of your plans. Fighting chance is very difficult, so consider that sometimes some unforeseen events can arise.

Avoid scolding yourself, after all, scolding yourself is not very effective. You know how responsible you are for the situation you find yourself in. Review what happened, what you learned from this situation, and what you will do to prevent it from happening again.

Forgetting to rest and just focus on studying, as tempting as it may seem, doesn’t work. A tired mind cannot absorb knowledge in the same way as a relaxed mind.

That way, the semester goes on smoothly and you don’t despair about deadlines. Good studies and count on us whenever you need it!

Cinema is a fun way to enjoy free time

Passing a public exam is one of those types of missions that take life as a whole and require as much dedication as possible. But the routine of books, simulations and public notices asks, from time to time, for a breather or a kind of “pit stop” to receive an extra dose of encouragement. Cinema can play an important role in this process of looking within itself and finding strength where it no longer seems to exist. There is a big collection of movies, TV shows and dramas on different types of topics of life. You can use multiple famous sites to search the thing of your choice. We are going to recommend some of the most all season favorite movies without requiring you to think what to watch:

  • Anne With an E (2017)
  • Derek (2013)
  • Ratched (2020)
  • Behind Her Eyes (2021)
  • Bloodline (2015)
  • Emily in Paris (2020)
  • White Lines (2020)
  • Marvel’s The Punisher (2017)
  • The Duchess (2020)
  • Lilyhammer (2012)
  • Halston (2021)



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