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What to Look For When Purchasing a Princess Bunk Bed

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A princess bunk bed can have many features and designs, depending on what your child needs. But you first need to decide what kind of bed is right for your child. Are they going to need more room than a bunk bed with stairs? Or will a twin bunk bed with stairs be more convenient? Your child’s personality will be a big factor in their decision. It will help you choose the right bed for your child.

About 90 percent of all bunk beds in the U.S. are twin over full bunk beds with stairs. However, there are other options, too. For instance, twin over full bunk beds with stairs also exist to provide more space at the bottom bunk. And there are even some of these that have slides.

The price of these beds varies widely. In most cases, a queen will cost less than a king or a four-poster. A full queen size is the standard for a triple two-poster bed. You can find custom built-in bunk bed designs that have a full-sized bed included as part of the design. There are also triple bunk bed designs that have a triple bed in them.

One of your child’s favorite things is princesses. So you’ll want to make sure that her bed is a princess bed bunk bed with stairs. Some of the beds with stairs are shaped like castles or princess houses. You can find some fun princess bunk bed designs on the Internet.

There are also separate beds for girls and boys. Many of these are triple bunk beds. Some have bunk-style beds attached on both sides of one another. These types are great for little children because they can sleep in a bottom bunk while their sibling sleeps in the top bunk.

A good choice for a boy is a wood twin over full futon bunk beds with a slide. Wood twin over full futon bunk beds are a bit more expensive than metal, but they are also longer lasting. They will be smaller than standard metal bunk beds, which means that you can give your children longer run of rooms if necessary. If you choose wood as the primary material for your bunk bed, you should also take wood futon bunk beds with slides in them.

There are also different mattress sizes available. You can get a twin size, a full size, and even size beds that go from a twin over full to a twin over full with a drop side. These will give your children more room to spread out, as well as provide greater comfort due to the wider bedding on the bottom bunk beds.

Finally, don’t forget to consider storage. Both metal bunk beds and wooden bunk beds come with their own special storage areas. Wood loft bunk bed sets usually have built-in, slide-in hangers. If you choose triple bunk beds, you can get them with built-in, zippered storage drawers and organizers. However, if you get a wooden bunk bed set, it might have to come with its own organizers or storage space for additional items.


You should also look into the quality of the materials used to make your bunk beds. A lot of parents think that metal bunk beds are used more because of the cost, but the fact is that these are much stronger and are also built to last. There’s no reason for you to use used bunk beds when you can get a good brand new one that will last for years. It’s not only safer, it’s also more cost-effective.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the bunk beds have drawers underneath. Older kids may prefer to use these drawers underneath instead of just cashing in their toys in plastic bins in the drawers of their bedroom. You can purchase a bunk bed with a built-in, sliding drawers underneath that fit snugly into one another, allowing for easy storage. The best ones will even have two-drawer compartments so that your children can have a place to put all of their books and papers.

Another important factor that you need to pay attention to when purchasing a twin mattress bunk bed is the stability. This means checking out the edges. Many parents mistakenly believe that if the bunk beds have sharp edges, then it probably won’t be as strong as it could be. The problem is that many bunk beds now have very sharp edges because manufacturers try to save money by not having the edges sanded down. If your kids get a bad slip and fall on a sharp edge, it could seriously hurt them, especially if they happen to land on the floorboard.

In addition to being extremely strong and durable, princess bunk beds are also extremely comfortable. Some people like to buy futon bunk beds that have built in storage drawers underneath. They are extremely attractive, fun, and comfortable!


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