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What to Look for in a Solar Generator System for Purchasing a Reliable Model?

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If you want to decide about what model of the solar power generator is best for you, you should be considering with the types of appliances you want to charge with it. You should know for how long time the generator will be able to charge the appliance with the traditional power source. Few of the important tips which you need to consider when choosing solar generator system are:

Solar Panels

All the solar generators are available with three main types of solar panels which are monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline solar cells, and the thin film, or the amorphous crystal panels. Each one of them is different from one another in terms of the efficiency level. Talking about monocrystalline panels, they are common and they are somehow a bit lesser efficient in comparison with the polycrystalline cells.

In addition, the Thin film panels are known to be based on the newer technology and they are quite light, flexible, durable, and yet more affordable as compared to others. Most of the times, they are also included with the generator and sometimes they are yet sold separately.

Battery Capacity & Power Rating

Another important factor to consider is about the power rating and the battery capacity of the off-grid generator model. As the generators are running on the stored energy in which you should know about the high battery capacity which is basically the total amount of the electricity stored. Any battery which is having high capacity but they do have lower power rating will deliver with the less electricity for a longer period of time.

Type of Battery

If we talk about the types of battery, they are available in two versatile options which are lead-acid and lithium-ion. Lead acid battery is used for powering up the things such as automobiles and the lithium-ion options are great to run power tools. They are commonly used for the solar powered generators because they are lightweight. But they are a bit expensive in comparison with the lead-acid varieties. They do have a longer life span which also save your money on the replacement batteries and hence keeps them out of landfills.

Charge Controllers

We all know that you can also charge your laptop power bank with the solar generator very easily. But in order to somehow regulate the current as in between the battery and the solar panels, the simple controller will cut down the power when it reaches to the maximum voltage. This is not that much efficient like the Poweroak PS6 models which are using three- power point tracking (MPPT).


For the portable nature, you should look for the model which is easy to carry around and is lightweight too. Make sure that it houses the parts into the durable box and not into any separate section.

Other Features

It is important that the selected model is available with the multiple USB ports and AC outlets, as well as replaceable batteries, and with the LED panels. With all such features you can easily monitor the system even if it is dark. In addition, you should also consider the warranty of the unit and the companies under which they are manufactured.


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