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What to Look for in a Prime Magento Hosting?

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Prime Magento Hosting – Hosting is indeed one of the most vital parts. Any business needs a reliable web hosting provider to make an impactful online presence. However, finding your right hosting choice can be a bit complicated. You have to take into consideration various features and web hosting service packages identifying multiple pros and cons. Similarly, if you are looking for a prime Magento hosting provider, you need to be very careful with what you are looking for.

Navicosoft provides you a simple, fast, and powerful platform with MYSQL and PHP databases. We make sure to provide an exceptional best Magento hosting platform where you can place your products with maximum flexibility. 

For prime Magento hosting, you need to take into your consideration some of these crucial aspects.

Managed vs. unmanaged

An unmanaged hosting plan offers very few extra services. You get a server with an operating system installed in unmanaged hosting. It’s up to you if you want to add anything else to it. In contrast, a managed plan provides many extra services such as status monitoring, automated backups, malware scanning, etc.

While looking for good web hosting providers, do consider their management services. Analyze if they have any support problems. Especially if you are paying for a fully managed service, you should get the best-added features.


Budget is a significant consideration for selecting a hosting service. However, expensive hosting does not necessarily mean that it is the best service. While choosing a hosting company, consider the size of your business and its priorities, budget, and other additional requirements. Pricing varies depending upon your hosting provider and the plans they offer. 


Support is a distinctive feature for all hosting plans. It is important to have good support from your hosting provider. Therefore, look for a hosting provider with 24/7 support to solve all your problems as fast as possible. The company should be very responsive and reply fast to your emails and concerns on chat messages. It is better if they have different ways to contact through phone, chat, email, etc. Moreover, the company should also have Magento expertise which is essential. Make sure they have enough experience that you can rely on them.


It is crucial to rely on Windows or Linux for Magento hosting provider since it offers you the best service and support. In case of a wrong solution, it can impact your sales. There are many official Magento hosting partners. Therefore, it depends upon you to choose an experienced provider with exceptional service. Before deciding, you need to consider some of the aspects, which includes:

  • Location of data servers
  • When was the hosting company found
  • Number of databases
  • Number of developers
  • Speed ratings


A server with high levels of security is a necessity since the protection of personal information is everyone’s priority. Hence you should look for things such as SSL to guarantee customer’s safety. In addition, a host should provide the facility of advanced spam and virus detection. Most importantly, it is essential to look for backup options so that you can quickly restore your website in case of any problem.

Navicosoft provides you prime Magento hosting!

Navicosoft offers a wide variety of options to grow your digital presence with prime Magento hosting. You can become an eCommerce master with a whole variety of features. Starting from being the incredible web hosting providers to managed and unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers, we provide you everything.

Moreover, we provide excellent customer services for Magento hosting. For e-commerce websites, our Magento hosting services are of great importance since we provide very efficient inventory and tracking tools for Magento hosting.


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