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What to Know About Costa Rica Travel Before Booking Your Vacation

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According to the Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC, Costa Rica receives 1.7 million tourist visitors each year. Tourism brings about $1.7 billion to the country’s economy each year as well. 

Are you considering Costa Rica travel? If you are, there are a few things you should know before booking your trip. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

You Can Drink Tap Water

One of the biggest reasons international travelers often get sick abroad is because of contaminated tap water. This is why it’s important to buy bottled water or bring your own filter when you travel. 

In Costa Rica, however, this is something you don’t have to worry about. In most places in Costa Rica, tap water is safe to drink.

Most tourist locations and hotels have clean drinking water that comes straight from the tap. You can always ask the staff if the water is safe to drink, to be safe. 

You Should Know a Little Spanish 

Before booking any flights to Costa Rica, you should try learning a little bit of Spanish. This is the official Costa Rican language. 

While English is always spoken in large tourist destinations, not every Costa Rican speaks English. So it’s a good idea to know a few key phrases to help you navigate the country. 

Bring your own English to Spanish dictionary, so you don’t get stuck when a word you don’t understand comes up in an interaction. 

Know What Weather to Expect 

You should do some research on the type of weather to expect during your travels. Make sure you know the average temperatures the area you’ll be visiting receives during the time you plan to travel. 

While Costa Rica is known for its tropical climate, a few different micro-climates exist depending on the area you visit. The higher the elevation, the colder it’ll get. 

Pack Comfortable Clothes 

Whether you plan to visit some beautiful Costa Rica beaches or want to explore the city, packing comfort clothing is vital. Costa Rica is known for its worry-free approach to living. 

Dressing comfortably is part of their mantra. Since you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, you don’t want to worry about getting your clothes dirty. 

Breathable fabrics are key. Comfortable shoes for walking are also important. Don’t forget to pack a few swimsuits too. 

Book the Right Accommodations 

There are many great places to stay while you vacation in the country. There are many Costa Rica resorts or hotels to choose from. You can find beautiful accommodations right in front of the ocean or in the middle of the jungle. 

Consider choosing these beach resorts if you want to stay somewhere with access to luxury amenities like an on-site spa and delicious dining. 

Costa Rica Travel Tips 

If you’re interested in Costa Rica travel, you should check out some of the tips on this list before booking your flight. Brush up on the Spanish language and find the perfect resort for your vacation.

Did you find helpful tips in this blog? Consider checking out some of the other travel blogs on our site too. 


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