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What to Do with Your Diaper Bag Once Your Baby Outgrows Diapers

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New parents would unanimously say that having a baby is expensive because there are numerous things that you would need in caring for them. But the thing with purchases for babies is that they would soon outgrow their purpose and sometimes you start thinking twice whether you actually need one item or you could do without.

In order for you not to compromise caring for your baby, buy the things you know you and your baby would need, just be creative in finding ways to use them after. One of those baby items that you could use long after you don’t have a use for it is a diaper bag. Some of the ways you could reuse it is as follows:

Snack bag

Even if you would not be packing diaper bags for your kid every time you are heading out the door, you’d still need to pack a lot of other things that your kid would need. You’d still need wet wipes and sanitizers to keep their hands clean after a day of playing and exploring.

You’d need clean clothes after they spilled food on what they are wearing or after they have rolled around in grass. Most importantly, you would need to be carrying tons of snacks. Fortunately, your diaper bag could also serve as snack bag, provided you clean it thoroughly. For roomier backpack nappy bag Australia stores sell diaper bags that have the capacity to carry cookies, biscuits and juice packs.

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Arts and crafts bag

Since diaper bags have numerous pockets, they are also perfect to be used as an arts and crafts bag. Your kid would have plenty of compartments to keep all their colouring materials and other art supplies and you would not have a nightmare trying to find that blue crayon your kid needs to colour the sky in their drawing. Diaper bags are mostly made out of easy to clean fabrics such as microfiber and nylon which would make removing paint spills easier to clean.

Toys/entertainment bag

Going on a road trip? It could be an ordeal for parents especially for kids who are getting antsy easily. Your diaper bag could also double as a toys/entertainment bag. Fill it with activity books, story books, travel board games, etc. that would keep your kids entertained. Don’t rely on their electronic gadgets to keep them amused since the battery might die before you even reach your destination (and of course, try to limit their screen time as possible).

Medicine bag

As soon as your kid starts walking and running, you’d need a handy medicine kit. Your diaper bag could serve that purpose of keeping all your medicines and ointment in one place. When you go to a picnic or an afternoon at the beach, you just need to haul that diaper bag with all the necessities and you’d have a peaceful day out without having to worry if your kid scraped their knee.

Buying a diaper bag is a necessity and with all these other uses would ensure that the bag would serve its purpose and more.


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