What to do if your hair system is shedding

If your hair system is shedding, don’t worry. Everyone’s hair system sheds. In fact, shedding is common even for people who aren’t dealing with major hair loss as well. But if you’re experiencing more hair shedding than expected with your hair replacement system — especially beyond the first few weeks — there could be a number of reasons for this which we will look at in this blog.

Things to avoid if your hair system sheds

Avoid the following practices if you are experiencing more shedding than usual with your hair system for men.

  • Using conditioner on your base or knots
  • Combing dry hair that is tangled
  • Starting from the roots when detangling hair
  • Hair accessories that can damage hair
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Use of heat styling products
  • Hair products that use hard alcohol

How is the hair falling off?

When you see your toupee hair system shedding, keep track of how the hair has shed. Has the full hair strand come out where you can see the kink from where it was injected onto the base? If that’s the case, your hair is shedding directly from the base. This can be because of the conditioner making contact on the base and damaging it, or it could be a faulty product. On the other hand, if you see the knot fully intact, it’s possible the hair slid out of the edge, particularly if it’s a lace base.

However, if you see that the hair that has been shed is shorter in length or broken, the hair is breaking off from the hair system. This is either because the hair quality is not sufficient or you are not conditioning your hair enough. If you see hairs breaking at the knot and there is some color at the root ends, it’s possible the hair is breaking because of excess bleaching. This is down to the manufacturer and should be addressed with your hair system supplier.

Bald spots on your hair system

Your hair can shed in other ways including bald spots. If you see bald spots regularly in the same places, it can be down to a few reasons:

  • If you sleep on one side of your head, it’s possible the bald spots are appearing in that same area. It can also be an area which makes contact with a helmet, hat or any other headwear.
  • Where you touch your hair the most when you start combing your hair is more prone to shedding.
  • If you usually scratch yourself on the head a lot, that can be another reason for spots on your head.

Of course, if none of this applies to you, it’s well worth keeping track of how you maintain your hair on a regular basis. Remember — it’s natural for people to shed hair. It’s only when there’s too much shedding when it’s a cause for concern.

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