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What Supplies Do You Need to Do Eyelash Extensions?

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You are a beginner in lash extensions and plan to purchase eyelash extensions supplies?

Read in our article how to choose high quality products and what consumables and tools every lashmaker must have.

How to Choose High Quality Products for Eyelash Extensions?

What you should know about how to choose quality eyelash extension supplies:

  1. Start by finding the company that supplies the products for the extensions. Find out where they come from: The brand you choose may be the official distributor of a popular brand.
  2. Ask if this company has any certificates confirming the quality of the products.
  3. Read the reviews of customers who have previously ordered goods there.

If you don’t want to spend your time searching for a reliable supplier, you can trust your choice to LashStorePro.

It is a Canadian company that is the official distributor of such popular brands as: London Lash, InLei, Elleebana. 

The quality of these products has been proven by TOP lashmakers of Canada: you can verify this by reading their reviews on the website LashStorePro.

Try and see for yourself: this is the best product that will make your work simple, safe and comfortable!

A List of Supplies You Need to Do Eyelash Extensions

  • Tweezers

You’ll need at least two of them, one straight and one curved shape. The first is used to separate the eyelashes and the second is used to glue them.

  • Lash shampoo

This tool is used to clean and prepare the eyelashes for further beauty-procedure.

  • Primer

While the shampoo just cleans, the primer degreases the surface, which provides a better coupling of the natural and the artificial eyelashes.

  • Lashes

Every lashmaker needs several sets with different length, thickness, and curve.

  • Eyelash glue

If you are a beginner, choose the glue with fixing speed 3-5 seconds. Experienced lash stylists can opt for an adhesive with a higher fixing speed. 

  • Booster

It is necessary for glue polymerization and acceleration of the process of eyelashes fixation.

  • Remover

It helps to adjust the extensions or remove the eyelashes completely.

On the LashStorePro website you will find all the tools you need. If you find it difficult to choose, the company consultants will help you find exactly what you need for your work. 

For your convenience there are also ready-made sets with all necessary consumables and tools: a perfect option for beginners!


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