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What Strategic Adoption of Industrial Augmented Reality for Utilities

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The latest advancement in the field of Augmented Reality technology and Virtually reality technology has transformed the way we look at things. The ramification of Augmented reality into different segments shows the versatility of this technology and its universal approach. In this blog, we are going to focus on the adoption of AR in the utility segment. While it may look unconventional, AR finds its applications across the different industrial segments.

While other business segments have been making new advancements in this technology, the utility and energy sector have been slow adopters of AR. The implementation of this technology includes a lot of investment, and this may not be a feasible option for all companies.  But working with the old methodologies can prove to be time-consuming. The utility sectors have realized the importance of this technology in enhancing their efficiency and are free of errors.

It is expected that with the use of AR, the utility companies can cut down the cost, ensure safety and broaden the different types of services provided by the industry.  

Use of AR in the utility segment

Employee training- One of the key challenges faced by the utility sector is hiring a skilled workforce can be a daunting task. Lack of training and technical skills can be a major issue while hiring managers in this sector. 

With the help of AR, companies can create simulating conditions and train the employees in a more realistic situation without actually putting them in danger. The technician can learn how to combat various situations at the workplace. For example, the employees can be trained on how to escape in case of a fire outbreak. With the use of this training, the employees can be trained on how to manage in untoward situations. With the help of 3D models, technicians can have a better understanding of the functioning of the equipment and how to use them. 

Data generation- Various devices of AR systems can be used as a source of data. This data can later be used for creating a better workplace for both the employees and the consumers. Consumers can notify the utility company about the accident via videos and photos. With this, the utility companies can use this information to approximate the data and figure out the right solution. This saves time and also reduces the intensity of the mishap.

Assigning the right utility technician- Another area where AR can be used in assigning the right technician for the right site. The AR enabled-mobile device can be used to relay the data to the subject matter expert, and these experts can guide the technician with the right technician who provides the right course of action to resolve the problem and prevent any mishap. 

Wrapping it up !!!

These are some of the areas where we can find the application of AR in the field of utility. The growing importance of AR across the different fields shows the demand for AR skilled workforce. And if you too are willing to make a career as an Augmented Reality expert, then you must connect with the Global Tech Council. They provide an online certification program in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that covers both theoretical and practical learning aspects of this technology. If you wish to explore more about this technology, connect with the Global Tech Council today. 


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