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What Should You Look For When Hiring An SEO Company?

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SEO is a crucial element of any business marketing campaign. This article explores what you should look for when using professional SEO services.

Without search engine optimization, your business is going to be dead in the water. You need SEO to ensure that users can find you online and guarantee that you get high levels of traffic to your site. However, there’s a problem. If you try and DIY SEO, then you’re going to find yourself in over your head quicker than you might think. Building an in-house SEO team is an option. But this can be expensive and perhaps one of the highest costs that your business will endure. It’s always going to be cheaper and more effective to hire an SEO company like AAM Consultants. However, it is important that you choose the right business. So, what key variables and factors should you consider here?

No False Promises

It can be tempting to choose an SEO company that promises to get your business website to the top of the SERPs. However, you should always be wary of businesses that make promises like this. It’s a well-known fact that no business can guarantee your place at the top of the SERPs. Even Google maintains that this is beyond their power. Instead, you should look for a business that provides more depth and detail about the techniques and tactics they will use to help you accomplish your marketing goals. The general rule here is that if a promise online sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Success Stories And Case Studies

It’s easy for someone to claim that they are an SEO expert or that they have seen great success in the past with their clients? But can they provide proof or evidence? This is where a lot of companies are going to fall short and it’s a great way to know which companies you should be avoided completely.

Case studies are a perfect way to find SEO companies that know what they are doing and have the receipts to back it up. Make sure that you also check up on their claims. Can you find the businesses that they referenced helping in the SERPs? Does the business in question even exist? You’ll be amazed how many false case studies exist, so it’s always worth exploring.

White Hat Solutions

You need to make sure that the company that you choose is using white hat solutions and services. If you can’t guarantee this, then it’s likely that you have stumbled onto a black hat marketer. The problem with black hat marketing is that it likely will earn you a Google penalty. They will be using tactics that Google has long since dismissed as poor ways to climb up the ranks. The classic example of this would be keyword stuffing. This is usually tied to promises of quick results that are again, far too good to be true.

A Fixed Price

It’s also worth being skeptical if a business can provide a fixed price for its SEO services. Ultimately, this means that they won’t know anything about your business before quoting you a price. This is a problem because it suggests that they will be delivering a cookie-cutter solution and using a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. The issue here is that marketing doesn’t work like this. Your business could be at a completely different stage with SEO marketing compared to a company they have worked with before. That is going to affect the time they need to spend, the effort it will take, and thus the cost they should be charged. Fixed prices may also be tied with black hat tactics.

Clear Deliverables

Finally, you should explore whether an SEO link building company can provide you with clear deliverables. Deliverables are promises of the type of service and solution that you will receive from the company. Deliverables can vary but may include monthly reports that show progress and performance. It’s fantastic if you can work with an SEO business that will commit to keeping you in the loop. That way, you can make sure that you know if the campaign plan they have chosen is proving to be effective. A business that wants to be left to work its magic may be doing very little behind the scenes.

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when you explore hiring an SEO company. If you keep these factors in mind, then you will be able to make sure that you are working with a business that is going to take your marketing to the next level online.


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