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What should you learn about Cloud Computing?

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The term, cloud computing, is defined as the process of saving and accessing data over the Internet. Based on this definition, we can say that the word “cloud” is imaging to the Internet. For working on cloud or for cloud computing, you need some resources like servers, data storage, networking, databases, and software. It facilitates you to store your data on a remote database instead of saving it on local storage.

What are the types of cloud deployment?

Cloud deployment means the manner in which the implementation of a cloud takes place, how is it hosted, and who can access it. The cloud computing deployments function on the same concept by virtualizing the computing strength of servers into partitioned and software-driven applications, which can offer operating and storage abilities. The following are the types of cloud deployment:

  1. Public: The provided services and infrastructure are shared by all the customers. Public clouds have extensively large space available which expresses easy expandability. Some public clouds are offered by Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.
  2. Private: Private clouds lie behind a firewall and are used by only a single organization. Only people who are authorized can use, access, and save data in the private clouds from anywhere. 
  3. Hybrid: As the name suggests, hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private clouds. These are created in such a way that two platforms can have an absolute interaction with each other.
  4. Community: It is mainly focused on the users who belong to the same community/industry or those who share common goals. The infrastructure of the Community cloud is created after analyzing many circumstances like security so that there can be a restriction on who has to be a part of the cloud.

What are the categories of cloud computing services?

Cloud computing services are categorized into three categories, they are:

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS): It is the building block of Cloud Infrastructure and allows access to computing services like networking, processing capability, and space for data storage.
  2. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS): Paas provides the framework that is required for developing, testing, deploying, maintaining, and updating software products. It has a similar basic structure as that of IaaS but also contains operating systems, middleware, development mechanisms, and database management systems that are required to create software applications.
  3. Software-as-a-service (SaaS): It is the final software product that is ready to be purchased and used over the Internet. Many of the SaaS applications can be used via a web browser without being downloaded and installed.

Where can cloud computing be used?

You can use cloud computing to assist your business. Given below are some of the areas where you can use cloud computing:

  • Cloud computing can be used to build and test an interface.
  • It can be very helpful in big data analytics. You can scan a large amount of structured and unstructured data to get some idea for the benefit of your business.
  • The most common use of cloud computing is data storage. It can not only be used for storage but for accessing that stored data from a remote location as well.
  • You can recover your lost data from cloud storage within less time.
  • Instead of storing your data in hard drives for backup, you can always store it in the cloud.

What are the advantages that cloud computing offers?

Here are some benefits of cloud computing:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Secured
  • Easy access
  • Cost-effective
  • Great insights
  • Data recovery
  • Quality control
  • Easy to manage
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Auto-update of software

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