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What Should You Consider Before Using a Massage Gun?

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The first thing you should know is what area of ​​the body you intend to treat with your muscle massage gun and for what.

Some people use the spray gun over clothing when they are going to massage a part of their body. Although it is possible, muscle massage gun is more effective on bare skin, since the vibrations and energy that they transmit to the body are not dispersed and therefore, the strength and intensity of each massage program achieve a better effect.

It is good that you bear in mind that percussion movements (drilling or vibration) make it much easier to go over the painful or stressed area without the need to hold it for more than 3 consecutive taps at the same point; being able to cover the entire muscle or area to be massaged more quickly; without the need for you to use any type of massage oil to apply on the skin.

It is very simple to use a muscle massage gun.

Once you have the muscle massage gun loaded or with a good level of charge, the next thing you should do is:

  1. Adapt the appropriate massage head for the part of the body to which you want to give the treatment, which does not apply to some models of professional massage guns such as the Theragun G3 PRO (we will explain why below), disassembling the one that comes with incorporated and placing the new one with the hand with which you are going to hold it, keep it firm by the handle with non-slip material.
  2. Press the power button and set the most appropriate operating level for the area to be treated.
  3. Bring the percussion head close to the skin , keeping the muscle massage gun at the striking or vibration and percussion distance according to the model in question; to leave 2 to 3 sequences of movement in the same point and there, yes, go forward through the area until it is completely worked.

If you have chosen a model that also includes the option of receiving a massage with infrared heat, you can activate and deactivate this function only when it is running and in a certain program; receiving all the benefits of pounding and heat in the painful, injured or discomfort area.

Professional muscle massage guns incorporate highly advanced and intelligent technology that just by letting them act on the stressed area for a few seconds, allows their vibrations to go deep; while, to relieve the joint or to take a relaxing massage,

you just have to keep them gently on the skin; letting the movements and power help you move through the area of ​​the body that you are massaging.

Muscle massage guns like the Theragun G3 Pro, which is made with a single massage head, allows you to adapt the firing arm at different angles; So it is not a problem if you want to massage a part of the body such as your back, shoulders or waist.

There are muscle massage guns that are tailored to your hand, so you can easily manipulate them; while the arm size of other muscle massage guns allows you to reach your lower back and reach your legs or feet without having to bend over to achieve it.

Thanks to the simplicity of use, you can also tell another person who knows how massage guns work or whoever you explain how they work, to give you a tapping, percussion or vibration massage.

  1. After you have used the muscle massage gun for a few minutes, simply remove it to either lower the operating levels so that the engine works more slowly until it reaches first gear and turn off the device, or simply press the button. off to finish the massage.
  2. It is convenient to keep it in its box or in a safe, taking care to handle its components properly.

How to Use a Muscle Massage Gun on the Neck, Back, and Waist?

Whether you are experiencing muscle tension or pain from an injury, poor posture when sitting in front of the computer or due to travel, or due to incorrect force or wrong movement; You just have to follow steps 1, 2 and 3 according to the model in question.

If you are going to use it on the back, it is best to let it act for 1 minute in the area that presents pain, tension and that you feel stiff, to gradually advance upwards or towards if it is the area under the arm, or side to side if you use it on the upper or cervical part of the back (from your shoulders to your neck).

To massage the area of ​​the back that is under the arms, bring the arm forward as you begin to pass the massage gun up and down.

Be very careful with passing it through the area of ​​your spine; Unless the model of muscle massage gun you have chosen allows you to do so, adjusting an elastic or slightly rigid head to pass it through the area without touching any bone.

For the neck, and according to the “V ” massage head or one made from a slightly rigid plastic base, choose a function where the motor is slow and the vibrations are soft; making circular movements and up and down, advancing along the side of the neck where you are going to apply the percussion or tapping massage session.

The waist requires some attention since if you do not have very developed pelvic girdle muscles, it is better to use a headrest for yourself and at a slower pace than for the rest of the body. Although you can also apply some intensity and speed.

If you have developed muscles in your neck and back or if your tension level is very strong (you feel the area very rigid), you can use a different head finished in a circle or pointed to have a faster muscle recovery.

We do not recommend that you select an intense program, since tapping or vibrating movements can cause the opposite effect to that desired after a few sessions.

How to Use a Massage Gun on the Arm and Leg Muscles?

The muscles in these parts of the body can be intensified by a massage gun to help regain the muscle or muscle group that has been worked or has pain and discomfort.

You should be in a sitting position so that it is easier to pass the gun around the area you want to massage or give it a useful therapy session to relieve pain by increasing the risk of blood in the area, helping to resolve the contracture or contributing to muscle recovery.

How to Use a Muscle Massage Gun on the Abdomen?

The abdomen goes from the thorax area to the pelvis and the lower extremities and is characterized by having a greater number of long muscles that make up the abdominal walls.

The stomach area is especially sensitive so physiotherapists seek a gentle manual treatment that has relaxing and healing effects related to digestive problems.

If the idea is to relieve muscle pain caused by physical exercise, percussion therapy is an excellent alternative to reach deep muscle tissues without affecting any vital organs.

In this sense, muscle massage guns become an excellent tool to transmit vibrations evenly and gently for this area of ​​the body.

Both the round head and the head in the shape of a “mushroom” or flat termination of some models of pistols is ideal both to relax the muscles of the abdomen, as well as to help relieve pain, acting both on the muscles located near the subcutaneous tissue and reaching deep tissues to provide a better striker effect.

If you have not exercised the muscles of this part of the body, it is advisable to choose gentle massage programs and slow speeds, keeping the gun far enough away so that the head and the massage accessory of the gun do their work properly.

But if you have worked this area of ​​the body through activity and physical exercises of toning, there is no problem with using a greater power of operation.

The movements should be slow, focusing on the areas that have pain or injury to leave the gun there for less than 2 minutes and move it sideways or up and down so that you work the area evenly.

How to Use a Muscle Massage Gun on Feet, Ankles, Knees, and Elbows?

The parts of the body that are characterized by the ways in which the bones of the body are joined together, called joints;

They are accompanied by different anatomical structures that facilitate the union of bone – bone or bone – cartilage, such as the ligaments that join the bones together, as well as tendons and muscles that allow movement.

Because joints whose ends are attached to fibrous or cartilaginous tissue, called fibrous and cartilaginous joints, deserve more care than other parts of the body;

The different models of muscle massage guns incorporate programs and massage heads specially adapted to these parts of the body.

Following steps 1 and 2, for which it is important that you read the instruction manual of the muscle massage gun that you have purchased and after having placed it in position, choose the appropriate percussion program in order to prevent pain. , the discomfort of the injury, is aggravated.

To give a relaxing, anti-pain or recovery massage, you can choose a round or arm head that simulates the knots of the hand or is hard, in order to feel quick relief.

If the discomfort is not concentrated in a specific area of ​​the foot; in a comfortable position and with the adequate approximation of the percussion or tapping head so as to feel the benefit of the massage gun; you can move it along the foot.
Parts of the body such as the knees, elbows, and ankles require special attention. For this, you should choose the soft plastic head that applies the vibrations or tapping smoothly and quickly.

We all get stressed out from the activities of daily living. However, not managing this stress properly could harm your health over time. Best massage guns uk could be a trick to successfully manage stress in the shortest time possible and in the most convenient way, while gaining many other benefits.


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