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What Should I Know About Glitter Tattoo?

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Glitter tattoos are the fast and easiest way to get long-lasting temporary tattoos for your upcoming birthday party. They are an excellent alternative to airbrush tattoos. The glitter tattoo ink is non-toxic, safe, and waterproof. Furthermore, the adhesive used in glitter tattoos is safe for sensitive skin. The glitter tattoos are both permanent and temporary, depending on what type you choose for your body.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a professional tattoo artist to get a colourful glitter tattoo on your body. Instead, you need a glitter tattoo kit to spice up your next event. Now, you don’t have to struggle to get your favourite design flawlessly because you can use the stencils to create a beautiful piece of art on your body.

In addition, the ink of glitter tattoos does not penetrate the skin and usually lasts up to seven days. Therefore, glitter tattoos are mainly popular with children and adolescents. One can use glitter tattoos on their children’s birthday parties, school fairs, Christmas, weddings, beach parties, or other events.

But do you know all the do’s and don’ts, essential things you need and the method to apply and remove the glitter tattoo? This article will provide you with the information you need to know about glitter tattoos. So, please thoroughly read it to update your knowledge about glitter tattoos.

Essential things and instructions to apply glitter tattoos

To apply glitter tattoos on your body, you need certain things, which are mentioned below:


The tattoo stencils are the first thing you need to apply glitter tattoo ink perfectly on your body. The glitter tattoo kit includes different stencils that one can use to draw the required design without professional training. The stencils come in different designs, and you could also buy the stencils of your own choice according to the event.

We recommend avoiding using the same stencil piece for different persons to avoid contamination. However, a single person can use them again and again.

Cosmetic glitter

The other essential thing to get a glitter tattoo is cosmetic glitter. Glitter tattoos are mainly used for children, and no one wants to have metallic traces on their children’s skin.

Therefore, use glitters are meant specifically for cosmetic purposes because they are safe to use and free of harmful chemicals. Fine loose glitters and Ecoglitters are suitable for this purpose as they give a sharp outline and are safe for the skin.


To apply a glitter tattoo on your body, you need a brush. You can easily apply the adhesive glue and glitter to the stencil through the brush. You can use any soft brush for this purpose, but we recommend not buying any expensive brush as it always be in the glitter.

However, clean your brush immediately after use; otherwise, the glue will be dried up, and you cannot clean it properly.


The adhesive is a must to apply glitter tattoos on the body. It would be best to use some water-soluble fixatives because they easily wash off with soap and water. If your child has sensitive skin, choose a suitable adhesive made for sensitive skin to keep your mini’s skin safe. Moreover, if you want a glitter tattoo on your face, you can use any balm or water-free cream.

Method to apply glitter tattoo on the skin

A glitter tattoo is the easiest way to get your favourite piece of art on your body. However, you must follow some essential steps to get a perfect glitter tattoo. Firstly remove any oily substance like lotion or cream from the area where you want a glitter tattoo. You can also use any surgical spirit to clean the area.

After that, remove the stencil’s backing card and attach the sticky area to the skin. Then remove the upper transparent layer, and you can see the skin through the design.

Now apply the adhesive glue over the skin. Apply glue from the outside edge into the middle to get a clean, sharp edge; otherwise, the glue will collect at the stencil ends. After applying the adhesive, use a brush to direct the glitter to the required area of the stencil. In addition, to get a vibrant glitter tattoo, apply more glitter to the site. Make sure there are no gaps and patches left.

Finally, remove the excess glitter and gently remove the stencil. Now you can show off your beautiful glitter tattoo to your friends.     

How to take off a glitter tattoo?

The glitter tattoo usually lasts 3 to 7 seven days if you provide proper care. They typically last longer on dry skin, but if you want to remove them earlier, you can easily remove them.

Apply any lotion or baby oil on the area and spread it thoroughly. Massage the area for around two to three minutes. Then use a towel or tissue or any cloth to wipe the area. While taking it off, you might need to apply a little bit of force. Moreover, the glitter tattoo can be removed anytime using an alcohol wipe, baby wipe, or soap and water.

Bottom line

Glitter tattoos are an excellent alternative for children or people who want to enjoy body art temporarily. It is best for children’s theme parties. One can choose from a wide range of stencil designs. Moreover, you can get a glitter tattoo on sensitive body parts like your face, neck, calf, etc.

We all know that glitter tattoos are free of harmful effects and are perfect for a baby’s skin, but we recommend being a little careful regarding the adhesive and glitter choice if you have sensitive skin. Only use the certified and cosmetically approved glitters on your skin because they are free of metallic traces. Finally, try to buy your glitter tattoo kit from a reputable brand to avoid unexpected side effects.


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