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What should I do to fix the Dlink router unable to connect wifi?

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The Dlink router cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network when your Wi-Fi network connection is not too strong, fast, and stable. You can quickly fix the not connecting problem. But the D-link X-5460 router is, as usual, a perfect wireless device that connects multiple devices. It brings up new-generation technology with a high-capacity performance. It ordinally covers the whole home using dual-band network technology. You can easily access its login page using the D-Link router. Local.

You can also access the Wi-Fi login page using the router’s IP address. Just put in the login credentials and complete the router login process. The Dlink router is likely made up for home users. It delivers the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band technology with maximum speeds up to 600Mbps to 4800Mbps. The features include fully utilizing Wi-Fi network technology, easy management, and online streaming videos quickly.

Fix the Dlink router unable to connect Wi-Fi problem

The D’link X-5460 is a very superior device. It is mainly using OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. Dlink Router also enhances the Wi-Fi network for 4K streaming, online gaming, etc. It is a voice control wireless networking device. You can quickly fix the router’s inability to connect problem by following the steps below.

Connect to Wi-Fi network again:

You can connect the Wi-Fi network to your device using the Ethernet cable. To fix the not connecting problem, choose another location for your router and change the place. Make sure the chosen areas are ventilating. After that, place it and configure its initial setup. Then, connect the router to a modem using an Ethernet cable. You can also check that the LED light of the base station of your router is blinking a solid green color. Now, you open your device, go into the Wi-Fi setting, and connect to the Wi-Fi network using the security password.

Set antennas properly in the Dlink router:

If your router does not connect to the Wi-Fi network, it means it is not catching the proper signal. Then, you set your router antennas and move to the proper networking areas. After this, you can look at your router’s front gateway LED light. If it blinks an excellent green light, your device is now fully ready to transmit the Wi-Fi network. After setting the antennas, it gets and catches the proper signal.

Change the setting:

You have to change the setting to fix the not connecting issue. Using the web interface, you search in the URL bar IP address of the router. After searching this, the login box automatically pops up on the PC screen. Fill in all login credentials in it and completely access the login page. Now, visit the setting option through the web interface and change the wireless network settings accordingly. You can change through wireless setting your router’s Wi-Fi frequency setting. After making changes, you have to click on the ok button. It automatically makes the changes in your router. After completing the changes, you again use your device with a high-capacity network such as 5GHz band Wi-Fi.

Reset D’link router:

Despite all this, if you do not connect, you use one more way to fix it. You can fix it by pressing the reset button. You reset your Dlink router to fix it. Press or hold the reset button to reset your device using any paper click or object. You can hold it just for a time. After some time, release the reset button. After resetting it, you again use your router and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Connect Wi-Fi network in different devices:

You can also connect the Wi-Fi network to another device to see whether it connects to another device. If it is connecting, then you change the setting. Because it is a problem only with your device, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network with your device through the setting option and click on the ok option. After this, again connect the Wi-Fi network with your device and enjoy it.

Clear all caches, history, and data in the Dlink router:

To make your device perfect without any issues, you can clear all the caches, history, and data from your device. You can also update the D’link x5460 firmware and block all the unnecessary connecting devices from your device. After this, make sure your device is connected or not.


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