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What Should Be Your Ordinary Skincare Routine for Glowy Skin?

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Healthy, beautiful and glowing skin is a dream of everyone. However, with cosmetic creams and beauty products giving temporary results, it seems next to impossible to make this dream come true. But what if we tell you that this dream can turn into reality, provided you have the access to the right kinds of products and build a skincare routine. An ordinary skincare routine is key to that smooth and plump skin you always wanted!

A few easy tricks and you are good to go, regardless of your skin type or tone. Let’s check them out:

1. First Things First – Hydrate!

We often hear “water is the elixir of life”, but what we don’t know is that water is the elixir of a glowing and healthy skin. The first thing you need to accomplish your ordinary skincare routine is to hydrate yourself. Because no matter if you are using high-end products or affordable ones, if you are not hydrated enough, your skin will show it.

2. Use a Mild Cleanser

Most people pass on cleansing, not knowing it is one of the basic steps of a skincare routine. Think about everything your skin is exposed to in a day. Cleansing removes every small trace of dirt, pollution, and excess oil off of your face. Things can go south if you do not pick your cleanser wisely.

Always use a mild cleanser, preferably a milk-based cleanser as part of your ordinary skincare routine. Using a harsh cleanser can cause negative effects on your skin and even disrupt the natural balance.

3. Fulfill Your Toning Needs

Before you apply anything on your skin—cleanser, sunblock, or makeup—try to use a toner. A toner helps the deeper layers of your skin get all the goodness from your moisturizers, face oils, and serums.

Also, it helps restore your skin’s natural pH balance, improve skin texture by refining enlarged pores, and enhance skin tone.

4. Take a Dip in Sunblock

We cannot stress this point enough! You need to wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 before you head out into the sun. No matter how hard you try, your ordinary skincare routine for glowing skin will always be incomplete without a sunblock.

The depletion of the ozone layer is harmful to your skin and sunblock is the only thing that can protect your delicate skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

5. Do Not Forget to Exfoliate

One of the primary reasons why your skin may appear dull is because of the accumulation of dead skin cells. It may worsen if you do not wash off these dead skin cells properly. This is where exfoliation steps in. Weekly exfoliation should be part of your ordinary skincare routine as you age.

Regular face exfoliant helps the skin absorb skincare products in a better way. Otherwise, the layer of dead skin cells block them from penetrating deep into the skin. However, you must limit the process of exfoliation to two-three times a week because excessive exfoliation may cause your skin to strip off.

6. Treat Your Skin With Regular Massages

A regular massage is one of the easiest things you can include in your ordinary skincare routine to achieve radiant skin. Regular massages help flush off fluffiness and toxins from the skin. Massaging your skin even for a few minutes every day can bring the blood vessels to the surface.

What’s more? Massaging even helps in depuffing the inevitable tired morning eyes due to lymphatic drainage. Start at the base of your neck moving upward circles, towards the jaw and cheeks, and around the eyes.

Voila! A few minutes of massage can have a great effect on your skin!

7. Pick Your Favourite Retinol Product

It is essential to pick at least one of the skincare products that are enriched with retinol. Retinoids help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production. They also stimulate the production of blood vessels on the skin which helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation.

Also, retinoids help in improving skin texture, fading age spots, and softening rough patches of the skin.

8. Soak Yourself in Vitamin C

The role of vitamin C in your ordinary skincare routine cannot be neglected. Vitamin C products are packed with antioxidants that are known to provide you with brighter and glowing skin. It naturally improves skin texture by fighting signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Try to pick a vitamin C serum and use it twice a day as part of your ordinary skincare routine. Vitamin C serums also work with your skin to boost collagen production and provide a host for multiple benefits.

9. Last But Not the Least – Moisturize

This should be the last step in your path to glowy skin with an ordinary skincare routine. Moisturizing regularly can reduce the chances of extreme dryness and dullness on your skin. Daily moisturizing is necessary to maintain the environmental barrier between the skin and active pollutants that may harm your skin in more than one way.

But remember to use only a limited amount of moisturizer every day, as excess of everything is bad. Too much moisturizer on your face can make your skin oily and be responsible for more frequent breakouts.

The Last Note

Achieving radiant and glowing skin was a challenge in the past. Now, a few simple tricks and the most ordinary skincare routine can help you get there. The secret to glowing skin is a holistic approach rather than simply slathering the skin with possibly harmful products. Remember that bright skin is not something that happens by accident; you must decide to work towards it and just go for it. It’s as easy as that.

Author Bio: Thomas Willson is a digital marketer at La Mav Organic Skin Science – Australia’s first Certified Organic Skincare brand infused with proven natural bio-actives for all skin types. Tarj Mavi is the CEO and founder of La Mav Organic Skin Science believes that “No woman has to sacrifice her health for beauty.”


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