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What Makes the Moussaieff Red Diamond So Special

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One thing that is the most fascinating about diamonds is that you can find them in almost every color on the rainbow. They are beautiful in their own way and that is the reason that attracts all of us towards them. You will find a ton of colored diamonds in the diamond market and might get lost in the beauty of these gorgeous pieces, but the rarest amongst all diamonds is a red diamond. Also, according to the study, the miners have stated that they have managed to find only 20 to 30 true red diamonds that have authenticity. This was stated by the Cape Town Diamond Museum. One more factor is that these gems are priced a little high in comparison with other colored diamonds because of them being rare and, of course, their uniqueness.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond:

Moussaieff Red Diamond is the largest red diamond to exist. It has been graded by the gemological institute of America as well. This is one of the reasons why this diamond has managed to get the attention of almost everyone

According to the internet, it is said that a farmer in Brazil found this red diamond in the mid-90s. It weighs 13.90 carats. It was later bought by William Goldberg who was from New York. He is a man who is known to possess many diamonds. Later on, Goldberg cut the diamond into a triangular brilliant cut. Hence, further, it lost 8.79 carats in total. But, the result of this transformation was amazing and breathtaking. Until then, it was named Red Shield until the Moussaieff jewelers acquired it. The estimated value of this diamond in today’s date is about $20 million roughly. At the moment, this diamond is located at the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institute which is in Washington, DC. This stunning diamond was also featured as a part of the “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition. 

Some Facts about Red Diamonds:

One more fascinating thing about all the red diamonds is that they change color according to the Lightening of the environment. It is said the fluorescent light is the least complimentary to these diamonds. If you get these out in the daylight, they will shine their best and bring out their natural beauty. 

If you have become a fan of this beauty and want to get yourself something similar, you can get your personalized red diamonds and flaunt them. You can check out New World Diamonds for the best range of lab-created diamonds. 

Here are some alternatives to natural earth-mined diamonds that you can consider shopping for:

• Lab Grown Diamonds

Man made diamonds or lab grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory. They are the ideal alternative to natural diamonds as they are also real diamonds with the only distinguishing factor being their origin. The characteristics of lab diamonds are just the same as natural diamonds and they possess the same qualities. 

• White Sapphire

If you want to go for a natural gemstone then white sapphires can be great for you. They are quite affordable and durable as well hence, you can use them for daily wear without hesitation. White sapphires possess a blue hue and are also available in white, green, and pink colors. Since these stones are not so expensive they are a great option if you want to save money yet grab a beautiful stone for your ring.

• White Zircon

These stones are not related to the artificial cubic zirconia but zircon is found naturally. This stone looks similar to a diamond hence is used as a diamond simulant. However, it is not as durable as other diamond alternatives and can easily break or gets scratched. If you are looking for an affordable and easily available option then white zircon is your best pick.

Out of all these alternatives our personal favorite is the lab grown diamond as it is a real diamond and is customizable. The rest is your call and you can pick an alternative that you feel is the best for you. 


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