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What Makes IndusInd Bank FD a Preferred Investment Option?

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Life is uncertain. A well-planned investment corpus, however, helps you face the curveballs it throws your way. But, it’s important to find the right balance between returns and risks while investing. Along with any market-linked instruments, you must also have a fixed deposit (FD) in your portfolio irrespective of your goals or risk profile.

Also called a term deposit, an FD is a safe financial product that promises generous, guaranteed returns. IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposit is an investment product that is suitable for every kind of investor. Under this scheme, you deposit a lump-sum amount for a fixed tenure and earn a specified interest rate. 

Read on to know what makes IndusInd Bank’s Fixed Deposit a preferred investment option for investors around the country.


You have the flexibility to plan a fixed deposit investment in line with your short or long-term goals. For instance, if you want to buy a new house in the next 10 years, invest accordingly in an FD that will allow you to make the down payment for the house. With IndusInd Bank, you can choose a flexible FD tenure between 7 days to 10 years. 

Another benefit the bank’s FD scheme offers is liquidity. You can make full or partial withdrawals as and when required (after paying a premature withdrawal fee). Hence, you have some funds to fall back upon during an emergency.

Immunity from Market Vagaries

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an FD is its low-risk nature. An FD investment is a great way to guard your portfolio against risks. The returns on this fixed-income instrument are unaffected by the economy’s performance. 

Once you book a fixed deposit, the interest rate is locked in for the full tenure. Thus, you get assured returns as your capital is safe, irrespective of market fluctuations. 

Multiple Interest Payment Options

An IndusInd Bank fixed deposit allows you to choose the frequency of returns. You have multiple options for interest payments – monthly, yearly, quarterly, half-yearly or at maturity. 

You can choose an alternative according to your investment objective, like generating extra income, saving for a wedding or travel, etc. Moreover, you can extend your FDs by activating the auto-renewal option. This is ideal for a long-term objective like building a retirement fund. 

Tax Benefits

You can enjoy tax benefits by investing in a tax saver fixed deposit from IndusInd Bank. Just book an FD for five years and get income tax exemptions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The interest earned on such schemes is taxable. You can claim a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs per annum for the invested amount. 

Higher Interest Rates

The rate of interest on FD is generally higher than a savings account. IndusInd Bank offers a best-in-class fixed deposit interest rate. Senior citizens enjoy a higher rate of interest !

IndusInd Bank’s fixed deposits keep your capital safe. The Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) of India insures online FDs for up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Thus, you can rest assured about the security of your investment. 

Security of Funds 

Instant Booking of an FD

With IndusInd Bank, you can instantly book your fixed deposit online in three easy steps:

  1. Log on to www.IndusInd.com and fill up a simple online application.
  2. Browse through the suitable FD and authenticate yourself. You just need your Aadhaar and PAN details
  3. Complete the application and easily deposit funds through debit card, UPI or Netbanking.

You can also use a video KYC facility and book an FD of any amount. The minimum amount for opening an FD is Rs. 10,000. 

Parting Thoughts

It is clear that an IndusInd Bank FD is a superior investment option. With competitive fixed deposit interest rates, flexible tenures, multiple interest payment options, and hassle-free online booking, you can make your money work for you by investing with IndusInd Bank.

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