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What makes a Cloud Video Surveillance Solution the current hype?

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The world can be a terrifying place, especially when you have a lot to lose. As a business, whether a small growing family restaurant or a well functioning MNC. You can be vulnerable to a multitude of hazards. To strengthen your employees’ trust and customers. Confidence in your services, investing in a proactive cloud video surveillance system can give you bonus points.

Now, you might have some questions. What’s a proactive cloud surveillance system? How is it different from a reactive security system? That’s what we’ll focus on in this segment.

Imagine you go home after a long day at work, get 8 hours of peaceful slumber. Only to enter your office building to see the place robbed & a rather big hole in one of the walls. That’s exactly what happened at a bank in Delhi recently. Where a group of robbers broke in by making. A hole in the wall that was adjacent to a construction site. The men ran away with the money and the employees only realized the situation the next morning. This was, then, followed by police investigations. During which the authorities realized. That no footage is capture during the heist as the robbers switched off the sure veillance system.

This is a reactive security system.

With a cloud-based proactive surveillance system, the situation would’ve been different. The night guarding cameras and motion sensors would’ve detected the presence of the robbers around the bank branch. With a smart access control system. Entrance to sensitive areas (like the vault) could be secure from any unauthorize access.

With surveillance solution providers like IGZY. The switching off of any security device gets notified in real-time. Not just to the site’s security head. But to a third-party command center personnel who is looking over your business 24*7.

Cloud backup of footage cannot be interrupted

By switching off local recording devices. So at the end of the night. You would have evidence of the theft attempt and a high probability that it was unsuccessful.

The footage of the incident would reach multiple members of the organization, along with SMS, email, or app-based notifications. The command center staff can also verify the identity of the intruder/ deter their movement with a two-way audio system.

A proactive cloud surveillance system enables security staff to react to threatening situations in real-time. Record footage, and avail it for review instantly via a cloud-integrated platform. A reactive security system, on the other hand.

Specifications of a cloud video surveillance system

Investing in a security solution can be a difficult decision for any enterprise. But a solution that supports cloud integrations has wider applicability and flexibility in the long run.

Here’s our advocacy for it!

  • A cloud video surveillance solution can support multiple wireless IP cameras and sensors that are install across a site or multiple sites separated over miles and more. You do not need to invest in a local storage facility, but with a CMVR (cloud managed video recorder) your site can support both local and cloud storage.
  • The footage can be transmitt onto the cloud instant or can be schedule for a later hour. This way, the limit bandwidth during work hours cannot affect the footage quality, and the data can be transmitt onto the virtual server at a certain hour, daily.
  • The cloud supported platform enables you to retrieve, view, download or share any footage, whether recorded in real-time or previously.
  • Even outdated analog cameras can be integrate with cloud facilities by adding an additional hybrid video recorder (XVR). This hardware can support both IP cameras and analog cameras, allowing you to upgrade your existing solution without completely replacing it.

Investing in a proactive cloud solution for the security of your premises can be promising in the long run. Unlike analog technology that is being now replacing today, smart IP-based solutions have been designe to be update with time. You can add additional devices onto the solution, change your storage plans, upgrade software remotely, without having to invest in a completely new solution. To make this transition easier for you, these cloud solutions also enable analog integrations onto their platform, so that you can invest in the newer technology at your own pace.

Key Takeaways

Your business needs security that old, outdated, analog solutions cannot provide. To ensure that your site is monitoring round the clock and all the footage is stored away without the worry of lost footage, you must invest in a smart solution.

Cloud video surveillance solutions ensure your site is secure at all times, whether during working hours or after. Supporting multiple wireless devices, the cloud storage ensures no data is lost, even when the local video recorders are switched off.

Cloud-supported platform gives you the choice of scheduling data transmission from local to cloud storage, random audits and snapshots, arm & disarm mode, & more.

Cloud-backed surveillance solutions are the current hype due to their technological up-gradation, inexpensive maintenance, and support services that help businesses improve employee performance & customer experience.


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