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What Is Amazon’s Wish List And How Does It Work?

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You can use the Amazon Wish List as a seller to increase sales and reach. Amazon Wish List lets you tap into large numbers of online shoppers who are looking to simplify gift-giving.

It isn’t always easy to buy someone a gift. It is difficult to decide what to buy. It doesn’t matter how much we want to ask, the surprise will be too big. Amazon Wish List simplifies the gift-buying process.

What is Amazon Wish List?

This is similar to a regular baby registry or wedding registry. People can make a wishlist and share it with friends and family. It is a wishlist, so they will only be able to receive the gifts they need or want. The gift is wrapped and delivered directly to the doorstep of the recipient as a surprise.

Amazon Wish List was originally created in 1999. The original idea was to help grandparents and parents decide what gifts they would like to gift their grandchildren. This was particularly useful as it removed the uncertainty of what to buy for each family member. This is especially useful during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Since then, the feature has been updated numerous times and has undoubtedly changed how people think of gift ideas.

How Does Amazon Wish List Work?

Friends and family can add products to their wish lists to help them find the right product and then purchase it. Once a product is purchased, it automatically removes it from the wish list. This removes any possibility of duplicates.

Amazon has been challenged over the years to address security and privacy concerns.

Prior to 2018, recipients could only view and share their wishlists, but they were not allowed to edit them. This feature is only available in Amazon’s wedding registry.

As long as the person who created it allows it, wish lists can be edited by recipients. The customer only needs to search for the friend’s email address or name (which is preferable unless their complete name is unique).

The customer should have access to the wish list as long as it is publicly available. If the customer does not want to see it, they will need to request access. Customers will be able to add their friend as a friend so they can access their wish lists whenever they want. This is useful if the customer needs to know what his friend would like for Christmas, his or her birthday next year, or any other special occasions.

Seller Benefits

Customers can save so much time if they have easy access to the wish lists of their family and friends. They don’t even have to ask.

You can simply go to the Amazon Wish List to purchase any item they have. Amazon will deliver the gift for them. This is particularly convenient for customers who live far away from the recipient.

This presents a huge opportunity for sellers. Primarily, this allows you to gain insight into the needs of your customers by looking at their public wish lists. You can increase sales by offering bundles and other items.

Although Amazon does not consider its wishlist a selling tool, there are certain factors that can be used to your advantage through off-Amazon engagement.

Scout for Wish Lists

Although you may not be able to view people’s wish lists or see who added items to their wish list, it doesn’t mean there is no way to know. You can at least get an idea about what people want by browsing posts and looking for wish list shares.

Encourage Sharing

Encourage people to share their wishlists. You can generate interest by sharing valuable content asking people to share their wishes as a call-to-action. A contest can be held where people will share their “dream wishes lists”.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Wish List eliminates most of the risk involved in gift shopping. It is very appealing, so you should get involved. You can increase your chances to sell gift certificates by using the tips below.


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