What is the scope after doing an M.Des?


An M.Des. is a two-year post-graduate level program specialising in various disciplines like Textiles, Craft, Lifestyle Products, Publications, User Experience Design, Media, etc. After completing this program you can enter into a new world of creative opportunities. This course provides amazing career opportunities and job satisfaction to the graduates. The scope of designers is increasing in every field due to changes in the customer demand pattern in every industry.

Many colleges in Rajasthan offer admission in M.Des program for the graduates in any stream. This course helps you to learn the practical and technical aspects of designing in every industry. This degree offers you different specializations like product designing, fashion designing, industrial designing, fashion communication, etc. You can get various job opportunities after completing an M.Des. like Product Research Analyst, Product Designer, Industrial Designer, Commination Designer, Animation expert, Automative Designer, and Visual Designer, etc.

The aspirants are trained as per the latest industry technologies and trends after completing this course. Many aspirants get immediate employment offer after completing this course in well-reputed designing companies.

Top Specializations

There are a lot of specializations offered during an M.Des program, as discussed below:

  1. Fashion Communication

The program mainly focuses on four main domains like Graphic Designing, Space Designing, Fashion Designing, and Fashion Thinking. After completing this course you can get job opportunities like a fashion designer, fashion advisors, sales executive, merchandising officers, fashion journalist, fashion assistant, and fashion lecturer and teacher, etc.

  1. Product Designing

This course offers you a career in the product designing industry. You will learn different techniques and skills like problem-solving and exploring creative solutions for the designing industry.

  1. Communication Designing

A master’s degree in communication designing covers creating brand new technology and knowledge in the world of visual design communication. After completing this degree, there are various job opportunities like graphic designers, design consultants, creative designers, brand consultants, art directors, brand consultants, etc.

  1. Fashion Designing

This course offers an integrated approach to develop designing skills. After completing a master’s degree in this domain, you can become a costume designer, fashion designer, fashion show designer, apparel designer, fashion reviewer, fashion stylist, etc.

  1. Industrial Designing

This offers ample job opportunities in engineering, art designing, architecture, art directing, and desktop publishing, design drafting, etc. After completing a course in this field you work in the industries like communication, media house, business industry, public relations, education industry, etc.

  1. Glass and Ceramic Design

It is one of the most creative courses for aspirants working in the designing industry. After pursuing this course, you will develop different skills in the subjects like economics, science, research. The aspirants are trained for the efficient utilization and regulation of raw material in the production process.

  1. Apparel and Textile Design

This specialization is for the aspirants who wish to utilize their creative skills in the textile industry. After completing a course in designing, you will learn skills to create printed or woven fabrics, embroidery designs, color detailing, printing, texture printing, etc. The demand for professionals is increasing in the design industry in India. If you wish to get a solid subject base and knowledge about fashion management after completing your graduation, a master’s degree in designing is the best option for you. It helps develop your skills in various fields like product designing, textile designing, industrial designing, fashion design, etc. There are numerous jobs for designing professionals in the domestic as well as international market. So, if you wish to have a bright career in designing, then it’s the right choice for you.

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