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What Is The Job Market Like For Masters In Fashion Styling Graduates?

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Fashion stylist is a professional who combines pieces of clothing & accessories, by permutations and combinations, mixing and matching trends, styles & practicality and integrating it with person’s visual aesthetics to create an ensemble that makes them look as attractive, fashionable and appealing as possible. Utilizing his comprehension of fashion trends, different styles, body types, expertise in identifying the ideal combination of clothing & accessories, expertise in accentuating the physical attributes of model, eye for detail and understanding of colours & textures etc., a Fashion Stylist gives life to the visions that photographers, film writer/director & designers etc. conceptualize.  

He is responsible for communicating a personality, designing a visual image, telling a story, inspiring an image and selling a collection etc. through distinctive alluring styles. He works with celebrities, business personalities, politicians, high net worth individuals etc. and assist in portraying a desired persona by dressing them fashionably & tastefully

Types of stylists: Based on specialization, Stylists can work in any of the following areas:

  • Personal
  • E-Commerce/Online
  • Photographic
  • Catwalk
  • Still Life
  • Product
  • Blogging / Social- Media.
  • Film/Television Industry

Market Scope:

  • Enormous prospects: Fashion Industry offers immense growth potential:
    • By 2025-26, it is expected that Indian domestic textile and apparel market will jump to US$ 190 billion galloping at a CAGR of 10%.
    • By the year 2025-26, it is anticipated that Indian exports of textiles and apparel will soar to US $65 billion, while its import is projected to grow
    • India’s textiles and apparel imports by 2025-26 is projected to leap to US$ 15.2 billion.

Career Opportunities: Following are some of the profiles the aspiring candidates can explore on completion of masters in fashion styling:

Fashion Stylist:

Basis the design brief and style statement that celebrity wants to make, a stylist develops enticing displays utilising outfits and accessories for photo/film shoots, award shows, news events etc. so as to communicate desired visual message. To constantly deliver immaculate work, they collaborate with multiple teams from varied disciplines.

Fashion Show Stylist:

As a fashion show stylist, he is involve with set designing, casting, identifying the apt music, the correct look with apt makeup and hair styling etc., thereby presenting the collection in a manner that it receives the desired laurels and becomes a success.

Personal Shopper:

He offers styling service and wardrobe recommendations to private clients or departmental stores or retailers or to photographers for shoots etc. basis their comprehension of clients, their requirements, the ensuing fashion & market trends, the persona the clients want to portray. 

Fashion Designer:

He conceptualizes designs for clothes and/or accessories basis the customer requirements, market & fashion trends. Additionally, he also manages the entire production process including identifying the apt fabric & material in apt colour, texture, pattern etc., creating prototype to check the fall of the cloth until final production. 

Visual merchandisers:

He responsible for developing visual concepts and strategies to attract apt audience at retail level so as to promote products and services, thereby facilitating sales. He also is accountable for making sure the availability of products in right quantity at the right time. To discharge his duties, he must have an understanding of fashion & market trends and people along with their preferences.  


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