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What is the difference between temporary and permanent face fillers?

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The beauty industry has gone through a transformation over the years. You can have facial fillers for what you thought you could correct with surgery only. Such changes have enabled many people to afford facelift and skin tightening with ease.

You can get temporary or permanent face fillers. Each type depends on the outcome you want, your budget, and the risks you are willing to take. There are several myths around face fillers, but you can decide on the procedure to take after learning the difference between the two.                                                                                                      

What are Facial Fillers

Face fillers are synthetic or natural serums that you inject on the wrinkles, folds, and lines to reduce the depth of the lines. They leave you looking younger and your face fuller. 

Wrinkles and fine lines are a sign of old age. However, people can develop the lines and fields earlier due to various factors. Instead of expensive corrective surgeries, you can have face fillers to regain your youthful look. 

Permanent Facial Fillers

Permanent face fillers remain under your skin for a long time. If you prefer having a treatment that will not keep you coming back, permanent face fillers are for you.

 They use products that the body can’t break down. Thus, the doctor or the professional injects the fillers on an area with thick skin. The nasolabial fold is an example of a place you can have a facial filler. The part can hold the filler for up to 5 years. 

Permanent fillers are irreversible cosmetic decisions. Any patient should think through them well before taking the risk. In case of any reactions, you’ll have to live with the consequences. However, the products used are FDA approved. They’re of high quality that would rarely cause an infection. 

Facial Fillers

They consist of biodegradable products that decompose and leave the body through the natural body cleansing processes.

Temporary fillers include collagen-based fillers, hyaluronic acids, and calcium hydroxylapatite face fillers. Your body can hold them from six months to one year. However, there’re a few brands that’ll be off your body in four months. The duration the fillers take in your body depends on the number of injections you have. The more the injections, the longer you’ll have the fillers under your skin. 

Semi-permanent fillers have a thicker consistency than temporary face fillers. They stay longer than one year before they could break down and eject out of the body. 

Semi-permanent fillers are mainly made of synthetic materials. The common material for synthetic fillers is poly-L-Lactic fillers. You can use semi-permanent fillers to fill deeper tissues, lines, and folds. Semi-permanent face fillers will last 12-18 months. However, there are times you may need touch-ups to restore the glory.  

Pros and Cons of Permanent Facial Fillers

Permanent fillers are complex and risky. You need a highly experienced doctor to inject the serums under your skin. Thus, the process will take longer than having temporary face fillers. Although they take a long time to inject, you’ll also enjoy the results for a longer time. Hence, they’ll save you money and time in the future, 

It would help if you had permanent fillers injections in a sterile environment. This prevents the introduction of germs to the injected areas. Any germ introduces complications to your skin. It can get serious and have you seek expensive treatment methods.

Permanent face fillers are made from synthetic materials. That’s why they never decompose. Thus, they give you a longer service. Sadly, they can be lethal if they react with your body. You should know your allergy triggers before you have a permanent face filler treatment.

Permanent face fillers are cost-effective. You have the treatment once instead of repeating the process every 12-24 months. Once you take the treatment, it’s irreversible. If you are a person that changes thoughts and mind with time, then the permanent face fillers aren’t for you. There are incidents where patients develop lumps when they take a permanent filler. You can only remove the lump through surgery. Sadly, you’ll be left with a scar on your face. 

Permanent fillers are perfect for some patients. For instance, not all rhinoplasty processes are a success. You can use permanent face fillers to fill in a rhinoplasty deficit in your nose. You can also use the same when you have atrophic scarring. It fills in the dent that results from the scarring. 

You can’t mix permanent fillers with artificial fillers. It’s a preventive method that protects you from infections. 

The body identifies the face fillers as foreign bodies. Thus, it’s possible to develop an immune response against them. Your body may create granulomas in an attempt to eject the face fillers. However, your body can’t eliminate the permanent face fillers. Thus, you develop red and hard lumps around your face. Treating the lumps is difficult.

In most cases, the doctor will inject steroids into the fillers. If the lumps are stubborn, then you will have them removed in a theatre. Don’t fret, as the risk is very rare. 

Intra-arterial injections are common across both types of face filler injections. It happens when the doctor injects the filler into the arteries that supply blood to your face. When this mistake happens, there’s nothing a doctor can do; you’ll have to live with the defect that arises. 

Pros and Cons

Temporary fillers are short-term. Thus, you are at peace knowing that they will fade away after a short time. Also, they are made from body tissues or substances with the same chemical formulas as substances found in your body. Thus, it’s hard for the body to detect a foreign substance after the injection. Thus, you don’t get lumps from granuloma. 

Temporary fillers are only helpful in extensive areas. They are hard to use on small areas like the nose area. You can’t inject more than once as it raises the chances of intra-arterial injections. The effects of intra-arterial injections include blindness, deep vein thrombosis, cellulitis, etc. 

The advantage of temporary fillers is that you can neutralize them with hyaluronidase once it traverses the artery walls. It makes them the safest face fillers you can have. The effect will fade away, and your face will get sufficient blood supply. It can also reverse the blindness that results from an intra-arterial injection. 

Temporary fillers are best for the trendsetters and people who keep up with the trends. It allows them to change their appearance with the newest trends in town. For instance, big lips are the fashion trend everyone wants to have. However, they may get out of fashion at any time. You may discontinue the temporary fillers in such a case, and your lip will shrink with time. However, anyone that takes permanent fillers will stick with big lips forever. 


Face fillers are a revolutionary way to restore. You can have a reversible process in the form of temporary fillers. They are popular since people change their minds with time. However, if you’re sure of the look you want to retain, you can get permanent face fillers.


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