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What Is the Car Lemon Law in California?

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Did you know that the federal Lemon law was enacted in 1975 to protect the citizens in the U.S.? If you suspect you bought a lemon and are now looking into the car it in California, you are in the right place. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the Lemon Law in California.

What Is the Car Lemon Law in California?

The California Lemon law for used cars covers all-new, leased, and used vehicles that are still covered by the new vehicle warranty from the manufacturer. Keep in mind that it only covers the cars that are leased or sold in the state of California. Vehicles that have less than 18,000 miles or were purchased in the last 18 months are covered. 

If you buy a vehicle that is not working correctly after a “reasonable” number of attempts to fix it, the automakers are legally required to replace or buy back the car. You can learn more information on this website lemonlaw.com.

When Does the Lemon Law Presumption Apply?

The “reasonable” number of repairs is also called the Lemon Law Presumption. This law applies when the problem you are having with your vehicle reduces the safety or value of the car. Remember that this is as long as you have not abused the vehicle and caused something to break. 

This law will also apply when the owner’s manual or warranty requires you to notify the manufacturer about the problems. We highly recommend double-checking your owner’s manual, and if it needs this, inform them of your issues in writing and keep proof of your notification. 

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Claim?

You have up to four years in California to file a Lemon Law claim. As soon as you suspect you have been sold a lemon, you might want to find a it attorney familiar with the state laws and regulations. They can help you navigate this sometimes complicated process. 

An attorney will be aware of the time limits and all the complexities involved with the it itself, which will help improve your chances of having a positive outcome with your case.  

What Does the Lemon Law Not Cover?

The lemon law will not cover the repairs if the vehicle has been abused. Also, cars not registered under the California Vehicle Code (like off-road vehicles) are not covered. 

Feeling Like a Car Lemon Law Pro?

We hope that now that you know the car it in California, you can make informed decisions on your situation. If you decide that the vehicle you were questioning qualified for coverage now, you can move forward to ensure that you are taken care of somewhat. 

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