What is the best time to book a car rental Dublin?

When it is about booking the car rental Dublin, many of us are in great confusion when to book the car for hire? Is it right to book early or book at the last moment? It is, indeed, one of the age-old questions that many individuals think and even ask. So, in this post, we thought of digging deep into the subject in order to reveal the cheapest time for booking the car for hire in Dublin.

As per the research done by the experts, it is believed that the best time for making a booking for a car rental Dublin airport is nearly 4 weeks before the onset of the travel. Booking earlier than this will make you miss on significant offers and booking later than this will pose a risk of not getting the right rental deal.

However, if we compare the data of the 12 month period related to car booking times and the associated prices, then we found that it is often better to leave the booking of the car for a later period when the booking falls outside the purview of the peak timings. However, a few caveats are attached to it, namely, the traveler is required to be flexible with both the travel date as well as the travel timings and anyone specific car model can surely not be set in the mind as we need to look for the cheapest available deal.

Cheap last minute deals- The new emerging trend

An industry wide trend that is making the rounds these days is to enjoy a car hire with the cheapest last minute deals. A combination of certain factors has led to the boom of this new strategy. Let’s unveil few of such factors:

  • New car models

Every day new companies are coming up in the market and flooding it with the new models of the car. Hence, there are a number of great options that are available for the car rentals for the travelers to choose from. The more the variety, the more is the choice availability even at the last minute.

  • Availability of best prices

With the weakening of the currencies worldwide, there has been a reduction in the value of money. This is the reason, the car hire companies are offering fantastic prices for the car hires even at the last minute.

  • Demand factor

This is particularly true during the non peak timings, when the car availability is good and the demand is not so high. Such times call for a cheap price. And the price keeps on falling as we get closer to the starting date of the rental period. However, there are chances to miss out the great deals if you wait too much.

The last minute deals are all about the timings. You may get a good price if you wait more, but there is an equal chance that you let go a good deal because of waiting for a better deal to come your way. Thus, the best thing to do in such a situation is to book when you feel happy with the price so offered and the attached services.

Booking when traveling during peak travel time

The cheapest average time to book the car for rental during the peak travel times, often varies from country to country. For instance, booking just 5 weeks before one festival will lend you a good deal while there are instances when booking even 56 weeks before a festivity will not lend you good deal.

Traveling members and car rental booking

The couples and the solo travelers who are not travelling with any responsibility of kids and elderly people and are not bound by any fixed travel date plans can afford to leave the things for the last moment in the hope of getting a better deal. But, in case you are travelling with family, it is better to book the moment you get a good price instead of waiting to nab a bargain.

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