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What is the best sofa to choose for your daily sleep?

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The question of purchasing a high-quality and best sofa for sleeping is especially relevant for those who seek to accomplish two tasks at the same time: to save free space in the room and to provide a comfortable sleeping place. Yes, and do not forget about the conceptual side of interior design – at this stage you need to pay attention to the upholstery and shape – the new sofa should complement the room combined with it.

A best sofa for sleeping should made of quality and proven materials, otherwise you will have to “say goodbye” to a healthy back and neck. Consider the service life and operation. The sofa will unfold daily, so choose a model with a reliable frame and transformation mechanism.

The Top concept team has collected in this small guide the important subtleties of choosing best sofa for sleeping, which will help you determine the right model for your needs:

  • What mechanism for transforming the best sofa to choose for comfortable use every day?
  • How to understand what dimensions are needed and what the frame should made of?
  • Spring block – why is it important and how to choose the right one?

How to choose a mechanism for transforming a sofa for sleeping?

When choosing a best sofa and Nico swivel chair for your daily sleep, imagine how you will lay it out every night after work. If the structure is heavy, the mechanism requires additional effort, little pleasant. Pay attention to the following sofa transformation mechanisms.

Think about convenience and practicality. For example, drawers for linen or storage systems will be a nice addition.

Conventionally, we can divide the mechanisms for transforming best sofa into two types according to their location during sleep: parallel and perpendicular to the back of the sofa.

Parallel to the back of the sofa, they sleep on sofas with mechanisms “Eurobook”, “Tick-tock”, “Dolphin”. And perpendicular to the back of the sofa on the Hesse and Sedaflex mechanisms. Let’s consider each mechanism separately.


Sofas with the mechanism “Eurobook” are laid out in flat berth with a minimum joint between the back and seat. The simplicity and lightness of the mechanism makes it possible to lay it out without problems even for children. The underseat drawers are a convenient place to store your laundry.

Tick ​​tock

“Tik-Tak” is a mechanism for transforming upholstered furniture, which is a development of the mechanism “Eurobook” or it also called “Walking Eurobook”. This method of transforming the sofa devoid of the drawbacks associated with the floor damaged the decomposition of furniture from the front legs or rollers.


Sofas with the Dolphin transformation mechanism are the optimal solution for arranging narrow rooms, since the sofa section does not roll out strongly forward, but we sleep on such a sofa parallel to the back. Perfectly flat and large space obtained when unfolding will allow you to have a great rest and sleep on such a sofa.


This roll-out mechanism, consisting of three parts, which pulled out and the sofa body in turn. The design of a sofa with such a mechanism is strong and reliable, so the sofas can used as a permanent sleeping place. The sofa section with a berth rolls forward and the location of the berth perpendicular to the back of the sofa, this should taken into account when planning the space of the room.


Many models of upholstered furniture equipped with practical and convenient way of transformation “Sedaflex”, you can often also find the name “French folding bed”. To form a sleeping place, pull the folded structure up and towards yourself, setting the first section on the legs, then unfold and put the second section. This mechanism equipped with an additional mattress and transforms into a full bed.

Dimensions and frame of the sofa

Choose a sleeping sofa that suits your height. It is quite simple to do this, add 20 cm to the height. And it is on such a long berth that it will be comfortable to sleep. Pay attention to the maximum permissible load.It varies from 220 kg to 300 kg of the distributed weight per berth.

When a sofa bought for sleeping every day, it is important that it has a strong frame:

  • Wooden frame

It is better to buy a sofa for daily sleep with a frame made of solid natural wood. This material is environmentally friendly and safe for health.

  • Metal carcass

The metal frame is also very strong and durable. If the metal is properly processed and painted, then it is not afraid of corrosion. To avoid squeaks, the metal frame in the places of friction must be lubricated.

Top concept company cares about the comfort and health of its customers. We hope that our recommendations for choosing a sofa bed will be useful to you. More  than 30 models of sleeping sofas are available in the Top concept online store . Choose from 300 different upholstery and color options!


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