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What is the average cost of student apartments in Leicester?

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Studying in the UK is a terrific decision because of the excellent educational system available here. However, this comes at a price, and the amount you pay may vary greatly depending on where in the UK you decide to study. The fact that money is plentiful when studying and living in Leicester is a big plus. One of the most reasonably priced student cities in the UK has long been thought to be Leicester. This implies that studying in Leicester will put you in one of the most affordable locations in terms of living expenses, including food and accommodation Leicester for students. Let’s find out more about how much it costs for students to live in Leicester.

Leicester is one of the top 5 most affordable cities in the UK, according to Numbeo. This suggests that living in Leicester is 26% less expensive than in London, the UK’s metropolis. It is recommended that overseas students wishing to relocate to Leicester for their post-secondary study keep a living expense budget of between £945 and £1,105 per month. The weekly rental price range for private student rooms in Leicester in this neighborhood is normally between £75 and £200. This article goes into further detail about the many costs that foreign students encounter in the city on a regular basis.

Costs of living in Leicester 

One of the most reasonably priced and livable cities in the UK is Leicester. Leicester has the reputation of being one of the most reasonably priced cities in England, thus there are economic advantages to living there. Your monthly expenses for living in Leicester will total between £675 and £750. These expenses, however, can vary based on your lifestyle and Leicester’s living prices.

Student accommodations

The type of student housing you choose will have a big influence on your total living expenses. As a student, you have many alternatives for where to reside. Living on campus and off campus are two types of housing alternatives. You can also select specially designed student housing or private student apartments in Leicester rentals (PBSA). PBSAs are houses designed with students’ needs in mind. Find out more about living in Leicester, where PBSAs include all utilities and are completely furnished. The most practical and cosy alternative for student housing in Leicester is a PBSA. 

The cost of living in Leicester will vary depending on where you live and the kind of accommodation you select.

What Is Leicester’s Average Rent?

Data indicates that the monthly rent for furnished student accommodation in Leicester which is 85 m2 (900 sqft) and located in a pricy location would reach £714, whereas the monthly rent for a comparable room in a standard area would be £655. The cost of larger studio units will go up much further. Moreover, overhead costs such as gas, water, electricity and heating will cost £134 a month. It’s likely that you’ve already surmised that, in addition to tuition, a significant portion of your student budget will go into paying for your Leicester student housing. 

However, there are many incredible Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) providers that provide a gorgeous selection of student housing in Leicester at incredibly low costs. Additionally, utilities will be covered by the rent, so say goodbye to those hefty utility payments. 

Oxford House- A most sought-after student housing facility in Leicester

Oxford House is a student housing complex located in Leicester that offers accommodations to students in close proximity to their own universities and institutions. You can select from a variety of traditional non-ensuite rooms available at the facility. Every room has a single bed, a closet, a coffee table, drapes, a full-length mirror, a desk and chair, a TV and, in some cases, a washer and dryer. The common living space, kitchen and bathroom are equipped with a toilet, shower, sink and mirror. An oven, microwave, cooking range, refrigerator/freezer, ventilation system, and dining table are standard kitchen appliances. The room includes a hoover, a notice board, an ironing table, a mop and bucket, a dustpan and brush and a TV in addition to the sofa and TV in the living area.

Features available

Oxford House Leicester, a student residence in Leicester, works hard to guarantee the comfort, safety, and security of its occupants. The property has a fire system, contents insurance, and round-the-clock security and help. The property also offers recycling facilities, Wi-Fi, and all-inclusive bills to its inhabitants.


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