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What is Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

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“To be able to fly with your furry partner!” that’s what we call an ideally perfect journey. And if you are planning to make Spirit Airlines Reservations, then you may have the upper hand. Spirit Airlines allows small domestic pets to travel on all their guest cabins for domestic flights, including St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. They have a specific policy for confirming pet travel, and they even allow emotional support animals on their flights. 

As of 2021, January month Department of Transportation requirements updated that all the emotional support animals will be traveling as pets if they follow the following criteria:

  • They must be domestic dogs, cats, etc.
  • Small Domestic Rabbits.
  • Small Household birds.

Note: Small Rabbits and Birds are not allowed on flights to or from Puerto Rico and THe US Virgin Islands.

How to make pet Reservations?

To make reservations for your pets, call on Spirit Airlines Customer Service number or text at their given number. These numbers are available round the clock, and you can call them regardless of the time to book your pets. This will help you to make your travel plans with pets easily because they only allow six pet containers on each of their aircraft traveling domestically. The pets check-in is also not available online, and passengers can only check-in their pets at the airport. Curbside or Kiosk Check-in is also not allowed so please make sure you have enough time for pets check-in.

Specific Travel Guidelines for your Pet travel

  • Passengers do not need to submit a health certificate for traveling with pets except for those traveling to US Virgin Islands.
  • Exotic pets and reptiles are not allowed.
  • Per container, only two pets are allowed, and one passenger can only take one container.
  • The container must be spacious enough for your pet to stand and move comfortably inside.
  • You can not give the pet anything to eat while on the flight.
  • Pets must be atleast eight weeks old and completely weaned.
  • You must make sure your pet should not be ill, physically;y distressed, or violent.
  • Your animal must be inoffensive, harmless, odorless, and may not require any attention during the flight.
  • Your pet and carrier combined weight may not exceed 18.14 kg.

Make sure to call Spirit Airlines Customer Service number for making the booking for your pet to fly with you. If you have any questions, the airline agents will help you out with them.


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