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What Is Rockspace Ac1200 device and how can I set it up?

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Do you know what the Rockspace Ac1200 device is? The Rockspace Ac1200 is a Wi-Fi range extender device. It is used to extend the network range of wireless WiFi routers. In fact, they send the network to a place that is not possible with the connectivity of the router. Transmission is needed in a large area, to extend the network and to remove the dead zone, the Rockspace Ac1200 extender is used in this way. This Extender works on the 2.4 bands, which provides 300 MPB speed and full signal coverage.

In fact, Rockspace is the name of a company that manufactures extenders of top-notch quality. Which solves your network connectivity problem and increases the router’s wifi range. Additionally, the Ac1200 Range Extender works on the dual-band and it increases the range of your WiFi and gives you a better network.

The rocksapce Ac1200 device is wire-fire and directly plugs the power circuit. It includes many functions and works very well. The Rockspace extender depends on your existing router, as it is used to increase the range of the router. The setup process of this 1200 range extender is quite simple and easy. Which their experts do not know about. In this article, I will guide you about the rockspace ac1200 setup.

Rockspace AC1200 device setup

If you have bought a new Rockspace extender, then you will have to rockspace ac1200 setup. If you use a router, or a router is installed in your house. But it is not giving a good range, so you can set up an extender in it. To set up the Ac1200 device, it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. After that the LED will blink, you have to wait till the LED is stable. Then to connect the extender to the device.

If you have to connect to a computer then you have to use an Ethernet cable. One part of the Ethernet cable is to be attach to the computer and the other part in the range extender. After that, you have to check your connection, is properly or not.

You have to open the web browser on the computer and type re.rockspace.local in the browser address bar and click the search section. After that, the login page appears on the computer screen. You ask for the login credentials, then you fill in username ID and password and click on log-in. After that you will be able to access the setup page, then you can go to the new setup router.

Then you have to fill in the details of the router, but while filling in these details, you have to take care that the details are correct. Otherwise, the range extender can sue and you will not be able to connect to your extender router as well. After that, your Rockspace Ac1200 extender will be set up with the router.

Access the Login page

If you want to access the login page of the range extender then you can log in with easy access. It does not take much time to access the page. You can access the login page when you are unable to set up using the default re.rockspace.local. If you have a router for another brand, then you will have to log in to the router page. You can access the router’s login page by entering the router’s IP address or re.rockspace.local using the web browser.

Then, Open a command prompt on your computer. After that, type the command “ipconfig”. An IP of your router will be display in front of the default gateway. After the login of the router, you need to find the DHCP option in the connected device list. Then you can access the rocksapce Ac1200 extender to the login page using the IP address.

Firmware upgrade the Rockspace Ac1200 Device

Extender’s experts should also know about the firmware upgrade. To upgrade the firmware, you have to log in, you can log in using the IP address. Once you access the login page, then you will see the Administration option, you have to click on it. Within the administration option, you have to see on the computer screen of firmware upgrade and click on it. Then you require to find the latest firmware file on your computer. After that click on the install section, it may take 1-2 minutes to install. The extender will reboot during updates, you have to be sure that the power is not turned off. After that, the firmware upgrade of your Rockspace Ac1200 extender will be successfully completed.

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