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What is NAATI CCL?

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NAATI CCL is a test for people who are looking for VISA applications. NAATI  is in charge of establishing, maintaining, and promoting high professional standards in the field of translation and interpretation.

CCL(Credentialed Community Language) test is a community-based evaluation of your language skills. Applicants who want to apply for a point-based visa take the NAATI CCL Test. NAATI Malayalam is a test by NAATI CCL Malayalam.

Difference between Interpretation test and the NAATI CCL Test

The Credentialed Community Language Test is the full name of the CCL test. After the 2018 NAATI exam change, it is an English proficiency examination organized by NAATI, particularly for skilled immigrants. Only the oral interpretation portion of the CCL test remains, with the written translation and ethical exams eliminated. If you pass the exam, you will receive 5 points on your transcript for immigration purposes. You do not need to seek certification, but you will be unable to operate as a professional translator. Students who desire to immigrate can take the CCL test and receive 5 points toward their immigration application.

The CCL exam adopts the primary portion of the original second-level interpretation test, which is dialogue interpretation. In comparison to the second-level interpretation test. The CCL test, on the other hand, is excluded from professional ethical and cultural concerns. Therefore the bar is set lower. It is tough to comprehend discourse, and it takes experience and guidance.

NAATI CCL Malayalam

Fast Forward Preparation is offering NAATI Malayalam coaching.

The Malayalam language included in the NAATI CCL and Fast Forward Preparation has started its coaching. It will provide you the opportunity to train by a NAATI Malayalam trainer.

NAATI CCL Malayalam Test

NAATI Malayalam test taken by applicants who are looking for visa applications. The exam is provided online and can take from any location in the world. The test does not need you to be physically present in Australia.

NAATI CCL Test Format:

Monday through Friday, exams are delivered online. Two conversation recordings make up the test. A discussion between a native English speaker and a native Language Other Than an English speaker is depict in each exchange. Each dialogue is around 300 words long, with about half in English and the other half in LOTE. The conversations are broken down into 35-word chunks.

Candidates from all around the world can take CCL examinations because they conduct online. All testing is conducted in Canberra(Australian Time).

Test Topics

The dialogue will be based on real-life occurrences in Australian culture. They are intend to assess a candidate’s ability to comprehend and communicate in both languages. The test may cover all the topics and fields such as Current Affair, Business, Employment, Health, etc.

How Is The Test Judged?

Two examiners will assess the test on the following Abilities:

  • Quality of Language
  • Formality Level with which a candidate transfers the meaning

Errors result in a loss of points. Examiners look at the sorts of mistakes you make and how they affect your overall communication. Each examiner will give you a different score. Additional examiners will analyze your test to decide your final score if the examiners dispute a candidate’s performance.

How Is The Exam Graded?

There are two dialogues in the test, each earning 45 points. A candidate must receive at least 29 points in each discussion. And a total score of 63 out of 90 to pass the test.

CCL test result as follows:

Passing score: 63 or above (marks out of 90)

Marginal Fail: BW 58 and 62.5 (marks out of 90)

Fail: Less than 58(marks out of 90

Getting Results:

     Within 4-6 weeks after the test date, results are provided via email, and they are valid for three years from the date of issue. 

When a candidate receives a score of 23 out of 45 in Dialogue 1 and 41 out of 45 in Dialogue 2. An all-inclusive Score of 64 out of 90. The outcome is a FAIL since the applicant did not reach the requisite score in Dialogue 1.


NAATI CCL test is available in 48 languages, the test in the Malayalam language is know as NAATI Malayalam Test. NAATI Hindi Mock Test is also a test of NAATI CCL. If you pass the exam, you will receive five additional VISA points. Five VISA points help you a lot to travel abroad.

Why are the NAATI Translation Tests so easy to fail?

Do you consider yourself an accomplished translator, and have you ever taken a NAATI interpreting and translating test? If you haven’t yet seen Dave Deck’s remarks on NAATI’s latest statement On why some translators fail the NAATI exam. And so lack the credentials to finish a NAATI translation, NATTI Translation is compulsory by government agencies in Australia. 

Last June, Dave gave a talk about NAATI exam marking at the annual conference of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters in Wellington.

The reason why translators don’t pass the exam

When it comes to passing the NAATI translation and interpreting examinations, Dave Deck, a translator, stated that:

There are a few typical causes for failing the exams.

The NAATI CCL pass rate is often low, hovering around 10-15%. That is because many applicants are unprepare for the exam. Some people take the test to gain points for Australian immigration.

Exam takers who fail the translation exam do so because they do not have competency in what is L2 or the translator’s second language. Some applicants try to translate into their second language, implying that they have trouble articulating complicated concepts. One reason for failure when translating into their home tongue is a misinterpretation of the material. Some exam takers struggle with technique, meaning they either translate too literally or employ excessive paraphrasing.

Prepare yourself For the NAATI CCL Test 

Fast Forward Preparation provides you the best tutors and Coursed to pass the test. You can visit their website to buy their courses or any type of help. Visit for NAATI Malayalam and NAATI Hindi Mock Test.

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